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13 Posts that Will Inspire Your Journey to Financial Independence

I am capable of living richer than I have been.

If these stories don't inspire to gain financial independence ,nothing will.
If these stories don’t inspire to gain financial independence ,nothing will.

I know Independence Day was over a week ago. And judging by the title you’re probably thinking that I’m behind the curve with this post. But give me a break. Posting blogs a week later than you planned is acceptable when you give birth to a baby three weeks earlier than expected.  Luckily, our pursuit of financial independence doesn’t depend on a national holiday. To aid your efforts in dependence from debt, I scoured the web to provide you a round up of the top 13 blog posts to motivate you towards a life of financial independence. Hopefully, the below will help you as much as they’ve helped me.

How we saved $1 Million Dollars and became Financially Independent at 30

How I Trick Myself Into Saving For Travel 

5 Slow, Difficult Steps to Becoming a Millionaire 

We Got Out of Over $120K in Debt – Here’s How

6 Months Unemployed + 9 Month Temp Job + $50,000+ Debt Slayed in Less Than 2 Years

The First Lesson My Father Taught Me About Money: The Bike Story 

When the Money Runs Out

The One Question I Ask Myself that Will Eventually Make Me Rich

How I Paid Off $170,000 of Student Loans

Financial Lessons That Led to Bankruptcy

10 Ways I Worked, Hustled and Saved to Financial Independence at 28

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

The Day I Woke Up with $22,000 in My Checking Account

What inspires you to continue on your path to financial independence? 

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