TOP 10 Pinnable Quotes About LOVE

Since I’ve rebranded this blog last year, I’ve been sure to end every  post with quotes that I like to call TERRIfic Quips about conquering fear, success and inspiration.  These TERRIfic Quips aren’t just tacked on to the end of posts for the sake of being corny and make you feel invincible. They are strategically picked to inspire you to love the person you were, the person you are and the person you are meant to be. After all, we’re all a work in progress but that doesn’t mean we can’t love and enjoy the journey to becoming a better version of ourselves.

Because I’m a big pile of love today on my first wedding anniversary, I’ll be sharing my favorite and most pinnacle TERRIfic Quips meant to inspire you to love yourself and your place in life.  They may also inspire you to go pin crazy on Pinterest. Enjoy!

TERRIfic Quip: No need to go searching for beauty. It’s been inside you all along.


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