The Quest to Be Fearless

Remember last week, when I said in order to grow, reach your full potential and truly live you must be willing to face your fears? I further suggested that you’ll feel much more successful and happier once you challenge yourself to do one thing that scares you everyday. Well, I’m doing it. I’m on a quest to be fearless. I’m accepting my challenge for the year, from July 18th 2013 to July 18, 2014.

Despite declaring it mentally, in my last blog post, and amongst friends and family, I realized this challenge will be short lived unless I really hold myself accountable. And the best way for me to do that is to blog about it. So starting today, you can expect to see a blog post every Thursday, documenting my week of conquering fears. That means, I’ll be posting twice a week from now on. That includes my usual Tuesday posts discussing motivation, happiness, success, and business and my new Thursday posts taking you along my quest to be fearless. After all, I can’t expect all of you to take my advice of scaring yourself everyday in order to grow if I can’t even take my own advice. Please follow along, share your own stories, and call me out when I start getting lazy with my posts. It’s time I let my bravery show. I accept the challenge. Will you?

Here it is. My first week of facing my fears…




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