The Simple Way Anyone Can Earn Cash Back With a Debit Card

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Hubby and I are not credit card people. Never have been and never will bel. No matter the so-called-benefits that are constantly preached, I just don’t see the need to get one. I had a credit card once in my life when I traveled to Mexico for the “extra protection” while out of the country. I had it then and I’m not looking back.

I just don’t like the idea of being in debt or owing somebody. So my entire life I’ve always been about either buying everything with cash or by using my debit card. There was one point when I thought I was missing out on all that sparkles when it came to credit cards. I was constantly hearing about how credit cards can help boost your credit score, track your credit score, insure car rentals, track purchases and earn cash back. For a while I was able to get many of the things credit cards gave you without the use of one… except earn cash back. My skin would crawl with jealously whenever I heard of people saving money and earning cash back from their credit card purchases. I wanted to be part of that special group of cash back earners, but didn’t dare sign up for the plastic devil. So I just kept my mouth shut, shopped with my trusty debit card and envied in silence.

Earning cash back without a credit card is easier than you think.
Earning cash back without a credit card!

And then a miracle happened. Companies popped up left and right allowing consumers to earn cash back on purchases no matter how they chose to shop. And just like that I was on top of the world. All it took was some patience, internet access, and my debit card. I want you to feel like you are on top of the world too so I’m providing the list of foolproof ways I earn cash back with the use of a debit card.


Ebates may be one of the most popular cash back sites around. The site promises to pay online shoppers a percentage of their total purchase made on some retailer websites. Just visit Ebates, browse the thousands of participating retailers, visit the store’s website, and shop. Make that debit card purchase confidently knowing that each purchase will earn you some sweet cash. Again using your credit card is also an option, but since I don’t use one I just use my debit card or Paypal when that option is available. Sign up through this link to start earning now. You can get your cashback via Paypal, or check for each three month period you account earnings reaches at least $5.01.


Mypoints has partnered with a plethora of online retailers allowing you to get the most bang for your buck when shopping online with a debit card. Start all of your online shopping experiences from Mypoints and watch the points roll in for each purchase. The cash back points you earn from Mypoints can be redeemed for gift cards and payments through Paypal. Earn 4,500 points to redeem for a $25 Paypal payment. Of course, earning less points can get you various other gift cards from several retailers.


To date, Upromise is one of my favorite cash back mediums. Like the others, Upromise let’s you earn cash back by tracking purchases at participating online retailers after visiting the Upromise website and rewarding you with a certain percentage of the sale. However, Upromise takes it a step further by allowing you to earn cash back on in store purchases as well. Just simply register your card on the website and make sure you use that card when making in-person purchases at participating Upromise retailers. Just make sure you process the payment as a “credit” instead of debit when checking out. If you hit debit, Upromise won’t be able to register your purchase. You can increase your cash back earning percentage by applying and using a Upromise credit card. However, I don’t even bother since my debit card already provides me with lots of benefits through this company.

Once you earn at least $10.00 in cash back, you can request a check be sent to your home. If you are a graduate or current student with student loans from Sallie Mae you have the option to have your cash back earnings be atomically applied to you student debt once you reach $10. Or prospective students can have their earnings deposited directly into a 529 savings account to help them pay for college.

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Smarter Bucks

I’ve mentioned SmarterBucks in the past in blog post about paying off student loans without using my own money. What I didn’t mention was that earning cash back through that site is not dependent through use of a credit card. Just set up a free account on the website, click on the Smarterbucks marketplace, and select the online retailer you plan to shop at. Then use your debit card as you normally would whether it be via Paypal or inputting the information directly in the site. Every month that you’ve earned at least $10.00, SmarterBucks will make a payment to the student loan provider you designated.


Swagbucks is a bit different from the other cash back sites I use in the fact that rather than earning actual cash for online purchases that begin on Swagbucks, you earn points that can be redeemed for cool gift cards from over 150 retailers. Earning 100 Swagbucks is equivalent to $1. Besides, making purchases online you can earn Swagbucks by watching videos, answering the daily poll questions, completing offers or completing searches on the site. Begin earning some cool cash back rewards from using your debit card here. Of course, you can earn using other methods of payment as well.

There are many other cash back sites in which you can use a debit card to earn. However, these are my favorites. To make the most earnings in a short period of time I generally stick to one or two of the sites in any given period to rack up cash back rewards quickly. Since many of these sites require you to make purchases online to earn cash back, I’ve found a way to earn points even when I don’t need to shop online. For example, if I know I need to go grocery shopping in person at Target I visit one of my preferred cash back sites above and purchase a gift card at Target for the amount I believe I’ll be spending in store. That allows me to earn points even when I plan to shop in store without missing any opportunities for cash back rewards.

And of course, please take precaution when shopping online with your debit card. Use Paypal whenever it is an option. I also double check the terms of service and security statement before shopping on any online store. Lastly, never use public wi-fi access to make online purchases especially when using a debit card.

There you have it. The simple methods anyone can use to earn cash back via a debit card and not worry about racking up debt!

What other methods are you using to earn cash back?

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