Should You Really Be Afraid of That?

In honor of my year long challenge to be fearless, I decided it was about time I put some of our biggest fears in to perspective. It only makes sense considering most fears are based on emotion rather than logic. In addition to more things that scared me, I found this infographic.


Imagine my surprise when I was unable to find any information about finding love, trying something new, chasing dreams, or taking job risks. (You know, the things most people are afraid of.) Instead, I found information about the increased likelihood of suicides, identify theft, and drownings as opposed to murders and burglaries. And what does this mean? We have more control over our future than we think we do. Let go of the emotion and let the numbers speak for themselves. It’s about time we stop living in fear, and just start living! And of course, start making those dreams come true.

What fears do you have that you later realized were a bit irrational?

TERRIfic Quip: Everything is just inside your head.

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