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Reframe your life: How to invest in yourself when you can’t go back to school

Repeat after me: I deserve to bet on myself in any way possible.

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There’s something about school and formal education that leaves many people feeling all the feels. Those feelings usually vary from excitement and motivation to nervousness to inadequacy. Nonetheless, it usually means someone is likely confused about their place in life. Those feelings are commonly experienced by those starting a new grade or returning to college. People who are unable to further their education feel it too. If going back to school or learning something new is something you truly want, it can often have you convinced that growth in your personal life, professional life, or even knowledge base will forever be stagnant. It’s rarely a bad idea to invest in yourself. But there’s no denying that investing in yourself can be cost-prohibitive.

Whether it’s college, starting high school, or enrolling in a specific certificate program, education is certainly a big investment in yourself. More specifically, formal education is often the obvious choice when it comes to growing your knowledge. However, I’ve long been skeptical of formal education. All formal education is not synonymous with learning. The more people rave about it, the more likely it’s overrated. That’s my opinion. But, even knowing the flaws in going back to school doesn’t remove the potential of shame if you can’t afford the investment.

Hence, I’ve created a list of simple ways to invest in yourself if it’s not in the budget to further your education. Read through, and commit to tackling what aligns with your goals and needs. Despite how it may seem, there is no one way to invest in yourself. No matter what, you are ALWAYS worth it.

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Going back to school too much money? Try these cost-effective ways to level up.

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