One terrific Thing: Cheers to Life week 5

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After an interesting 2019 with a lot of highs and interesting lows, I wanted to do something that reminded me that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. And because I love making toasts and drinking wine  (or anything from a wine glass), I realized it only made sense to write blog posts combining my two favorite things: drinking from wine glasses and finding the silver lining in life. In the next few weeks please follow along as I share what I’m drinking for the week as well as one terrific thing I toasted to each day.

And of course, never forget that some days may be horrific, but everyday day has something terrific.

What I’m drinking this week: Cocktail Artist Mule

So I took a break from wine this week and decided on a cocktail. I bought the Cocktail Artist Mule mixer on a whim from Shoprite this week and wasn’t disappointed.  The back of the bottle has the recipe for a Moscow Mule requiring you to add soda water and vodka to the mix. It was rather tasty. On the days, I didn’t want alcohol I decided to make it a mocktail just by adding ginger ale. It was equally as good. The Cocktail Artist also sells mixers for other drinks such as an Old fashioned, mango daquiri and more. As mentioned, I got mine at Shoprite. However, I noticed they have a pretty good selection of it on Amazon. You can check it out here in the event you don’t have a Shoprite near you. I think it would definitely be good to have on hand for gatherings. Great staple product for your bar cart.

The perfect cocktail mixer to toast to your life.


With my drink in my glass, here’s to:

3/8/20 – The laundry. Sunday is laundry day in my home and it’s the chore I despise most. It feels like it takes forever to put away clean clothes. I would put it off for weeks if I could, and sometimes I think I have. But this time was different. Mid fold, I took a moment to appreciate how fortunate I am to have clean clothes. There are so many people who wish they had clothes, yet alone clean clothes. So today, I’m realizing that having any laundry to do at all is definitely one terrific thing in my life.

3/9/20 – a warm day. Is there anytime, a warm day isn’t terrific? I have nothing eloquent or eye opening to say about this one. I’m just happy for the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the day.

3/10/20 – My comfy bed. Again, something else I took for granted. The ability to sleep well in an amazingly comfortable bed that I can call my own is nothing short of amazing. The amazing queen size bed, somehow fits myself, husband and two kids. Yes, it gets cramped sometimes. However, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to cuddle with them in the bed at all.

3/11/20 – children laughing. Is there any sound sweeter than laughter? Nothing warms my heart more than hearing my kids laugh. Today, I had the pleasure of listen to my three year old laugh away to his favorite movie  at the moment, Monsters Inc., blowing bubbles with his 7 month old brother and when his daddy came home from work. Hearing the kids laugh lets me know that I’m doing something right and that certainly is something terrific.

3/12/20 – Accomplishing something on my vision board. It’s been a long time coming, but I FINALLY accomplished my goal on my vision board to get published by Essence. I wrote a story about how the lack of paid leave affects black people, and couldn’t be more proud it. Of course, there were people who had strong opinions about it, but I’m learning that’s unavoidable when you write for the internet. You need to have a thick skin and be proud of what you accomplished, which I am. So this is definitely one terrific thing that happened in my day. If you are interested in reading it, please check it out here. 

3/13/20 – The never ending belief in new opportunities. We are in an unprecedented time. Events are canceled, school is closed and I’m losing income left and right. To say I’m not even a tad nervous about the financials would be a lie. However, I’m still so hopeful about the future. After the initial shock of everything, I was able to settle into excitement. I realized my inability to lose hope even when things seem hopeless is a unique characteristic I am proud to have. Opportunity is everywhere.

3/14/20 – Clean water. I am a water snob. I feel bad saying it, but it’s true. My water has to be just right and it has to be very very cold for me to drink it. And it has to be crisp. I’m so happy to have found water I love with my Pur filter. I bought a new one and it tastes so good; especially when I infuse it with strawberries and lemon. This goes without saying, but having clean water is definitely more than terrific considering how many people are still struggling to get water.

Don’t forget to raise a glass to something terrific in your day. Remember, some days may be horrific, but there’s always something terrific. What’s one terrific thing that happened in your life?

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