One Terrific Thing: Cheers to Life Week 4

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After an interesting 2019 with a lot of highs and interesting lows, I wanted to do something that reminded me that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. And because I love making toasts and drinking wine  (or anything from a wine glass), I realized it only made sense to write blog posts combining my two favorite things: drinking from wine glasses and finding the silver lining in life. In the next few weeks please follow along as I share what I’m drinking for the week as well as one terrific thing I toasted to each day.

And of course, never forget that some days may be horrific, but everyday day has something terrific.


What I’m drinking this week: Palladio Chianti

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t a fan of this one when I first tried it, but by Wednesday or Thursday night it grew on me. It’s a dry red wine with medium body, which makes it great for people new to drinking red wines. When I first drank it, it was a tad too bitter and acidic to me. However, over time the flavor profile did change a bit. I think allowing the wine to aerate is what made the difference. Aeration is the process in which you allow wine to oxidize to release more flavor and aroma. You can do this by simply opening the bottle, swirling it around in your class or pouring your wine in a decanter like this one or this one.


With my wine in my glass here’s to:

3/1/20 – A good meal. Well, it’s a new month. I normally like to treat myself to a nice long, soak in the bathtub to start the new month relaxed and refreshed. Unfortunately, my children didn’t make that possible today. So instead, here’s to a good meal. I signed up for Hello Fresh again and the food has been pretty good so far. Tonight it was penne rustica. Sometimes I get codes for free meals to give away, so let me know if you are interested and I can send one your way the next time I get one.

3/2/20 Well so far it’s a good week for food cause dinner was amazing. I made patatas bravas with some hot sausage and spicy aioli sauce. It’s a Spanish tapas dish that I normally purchase at winery that I have membership at. In an effort to stop eating out too much I decided not to give into my craving and attempt to make it my myself when I found a promising recipe for it online. It did not disappoint! Here’s the recipe I followed in case you want to try for yourself.

3/3/20 Finding Zarbees night time for children. Am I the only one who thinks the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus is ridiculous? I know we need to take precautions but this is going too far. My toddler had slight congestion so I went out to Walmart to get him some nighttime cold medicine. It took forever to find any because Walmart was cleared out. I did eventually find it, gave it to my son and he knocked right out for bed.

3/4/20 – sleeping in my own bed. I doesn’t sound like much, but it’s definitely something terrific. It’s one good thing that everyone doesn’t get to experience. So while the pillow cases don’t match, my blanket is the laundry, and I’m sharing the bed with two kids and my husband, I choose to acknowledge the beauty of having a bed to sleep in.

3/5/20 – Getting a pitch accepted for a new media outlet. If you didn’t already know freelancing is all about rejection after rejection. It happens day in and day out. Well today a miracle outlet. I pitched a major outlet, and got it accepted. Of course, because it’s coronavirus related my turnaround time is extremely quick. While I’m nervous, I’m choosing to believe that I was given this opportunity because I can get it done.

3/6/20 – Teaching Zumba to a great organization. I absolutely love teaching Zumba. It’s the absolutely best side hustle for paying off debt. Every now and then I get the opportunity to teach Zumba to an organization with a great mission. Our Health Matters is a student group at Princeton University, dedicated to promoting the physical and mental self-care of black women. They were a pleasure to do Zumba with!

3/7/20 – Finally, getting to rinse my hair with rice water on wash day. Are any of you hip to the rice water craze? You ferment water with rice for 24-48 hours and apply to hair. It’s supposed help with hair growth. I did it several months ago and my hair definitely felt stronger. Tonight was the first time I revisited it, so it’s too soon to provide results but happy I got to do it.

Don’t forget to raise a glass to something terrific in your day. Remember, some days may be horrific, but there’s always something terrific. What’s one terrific thing that happened in your life?

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  1. I love wine, but sweet wines are my thing. I am thankful to have a job that affords me a flexible schedule. I’m thankful that I can telework 100% for as long as my kids are out of school and this virus is doing its thing. I’m thankful I can afford to randomly go out and buy groceries when it isn’t my normal grocery week. Life could be better, but it isn’t bad.

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