One Terrific Thing: Cheers to Life Week 3

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After an interesting 2019 with a lot of highs and interesting lows, I wanted to do something that reminded me that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. And because I love making toasts and drinking wine  (or anything from a wine glass), I realized it only made sense to write blog posts combining my two favorite things: drinking from wine glasses and finding the silver lining in life. In the next few weeks please follow along as I share what I’m drinking for the week as well as one terrific thing I toasted to each day.

And of course, never forget that some days may be horrific, but everyday day has something terrific.




What I’m drinking this week: Welch’s non-alcoholic Rose

It’s crazy to say, but one of my favorite “wines” to drink isn’t a wine at all. It’s the very delicious Welch’s non-alcoholic Rose. This non-alcoholic wine got me through my pregnancy when I couldn’t drink wine at all. It’s mimics a Rose wine without being overly sweet. And did I mention it’s sparkling? Im a sucker for a good sparkling wine so this one really hits the spot and is perfect for toasting to terrific things.

With my “wine” in my glass, here’s to:

1/ 19/20 – Six months of breastfeeding

If you didn’t already know, breastfeeding is hard. It’s physically and mentally draining. And somehow, I managed to exclusively breastfeed my second child for six months. To say; I’m elated is an understatement especially since I struggled with breastfeeding my first son. Who knew something so natural, could be so difficult. So happy that I stuck with it and didn’t give up even through mastitis and supply issue. By the way, if you have an issue with breast supply I highly suggest Mother’s Milk tea and these lactation cookies. They both tasted so good and helped me get my milk supply up in about three days.


1/20/20 – Seeing eye to eye with the one I love.

Let’s be honest. Loving someone doesn’t mean you always understand that person. Unfortunately, it’s a common issue in marriage. I’m so happy that I was able to have a serious discussion with my husband about roles in our marriage, and he understood. Not only did he understand, but he acted on it. His actions reflected what he said and I’m so grateful.

1/21/20 Accepting my past mistakes and leaving them behind

I think it’s natural to “what if” everything we’ve done in our lives. It absolutely sucks reliving your mistakes. But after some self-reflection today I learned that even through the obvious mistakes I’ve made, i still survived. It brought me here and I’m still going places.

1/22/20 – Settling on ebook topics

I haven’t written an ebook in five years. I decided it’s time for that to change. I’ve been mulling it over for a while now and just couldn’t figure it out. I chose to write an ebook about affirmations and the other about keeping promises. I haven’t started yet but I’m looking forward to it.

1/23/20 – Dominos Pizza

There’s no long story for this. One terrific thing in my day was Dominos Pizza. I didn’t feel like cooking, delivery didn’t fit in my budget and my favorite Italian restaurant was out of the way. So we had dominos pizza and I was happy

1/24/20 – Feeling like myself

When you become a wife and mother, you sometimes forget who you are. You’re life becomes wrapped in catering to other people that you realize you forgot what sets your soul on fire.

1/25/20 – Membership at the winery

You probably figured I’m a fan of wine. It only made sense to get a membership at the winery. It gives me discounts on wine and food and free wine tastings. My husband and I took advantage of it tonight for a date away from the kids.

Don’t forget to raise a glass to something terrific in your day. Remember, some days may be horrific, but there’s always something terrific. What’s one terrific thing that happened in your life?


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