One Terrific Thing: Cheers to Life Week 2

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After an interesting 2019 with a lot of highs and interesting lows, I wanted to do something that reminded me that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. And because I love making toasts and drinking wine  (or anything from a wine glass), I realized it only made sense to write blog posts combining my two favorite things: drinking from wine glasses and finding the silver lining in life. In the next few weeks please follow along as I share what I’m drinking for the week as well as one terrific thing I toasted to each day.

And of course, never forget that some days may be horrific, but everyday day has something terrific.


What’s in my glass this week: NightStar Reisling

My husband loves sweet, so I went sweet for him. Though, I prefer dry wines like Pino Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wasn’t bad. It’s sweet but definitely not overly sweet like some moscato tends to be. It has some citrus notes but not too acidic. Overall, it was tasty and inexpensively priced at about $9.00 at my local liquor store.


With my glass in hand here’s to:


1/12/20 – Finally getting acquainted with my planner

I haven’t always been into planners but started enjoying them within the last few years. I credit that to finally finding a planner I absolutely love. It doesn’t have all the frills of others but it has everything I need – a page for each date with time blocks, stickers and a monthly overview. If you still need one, you can find it on Amazon for about $12.

Honestly, the highlight of my day was setting this baby up with goal markers, important dates and more.

1/13/20 – A reason to pull an all nighter

I was exhausted all day today because I stayed up almost all night trying to meet a deadline for an article. I was pissed because I did a lot to avoid having to stay up all night to work, but it’s not always with kids. However, considering the alternative of not having any work, I’m pleased with my all nighter.


1/14/20 – Finding a side hustle that I love

If you’re new around here, you probably don’t know that I’m in debt thanks to an expensive college education. I do whatever I can to pay it down as quickly as possible. One thing I refuse to do is pick up a job I hate. I’m so fortunate because I love my side hustle as a fitness instructor. I teach Zumba, Pound, Veraflow and Aqua Zumba. Most of the money earned from teaching classes is put towards my student debt.


1/15/20 – Escaping for two hours to the spa

I put this on my vision board and it happened within the first few weeks- unwinding at the spa. I told myself I needed to focus more on pampering myself to help my mental health this year. I didn’t expect that I would make it happen so soon. But it was much needed. I absolutely loved sitting in the saunas and reading my book in peace to unwind.


1/16/20 – Recognizing that I may not do everything right, but I don’t do everything wrong either.

I don’t talk about my family much because I want to respect their privacy. However, I will say that my son has some concerning developmental issues. Naturally, as a parent you stress over it and wonder where you went wrong.


1/17/20 – Finishing my vision board

It took forever but I finally finished my vision board. It was my first time doing one and I loved it. Though I finished it, I do suspect I’ll make changes to it throughout the year. I’m learning it’s ok to change plans.


1/18/20 – I made amazing pancakes

It’s nothing major, but I made the best pancakes of my life. Growing up my family has been big on having a big pancake breakfast and I’ve wanted to do that for my family now that I have kids. The only problem is that for some reason my pancakes kept coming out flat. But today I finally made amazingly fluffy pancakes and topped them with butter, strawberries and a drizzle of syrup. Amazing!! This was definitely a terrific thing.

Don’t forget to raise a glass to something terrific in your day. Remember, some days may be horrific, but there’s always something terrific. What’s one terrific thing that happened in your life?


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