One Terrific Thing: Cheers to Life Week 1


After an interesting 2019 with a lot of highs and interesting lows, I wanted to do something that reminded me that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. And because I love making toasts and drinking wine  (or anything from a wine glass), I realized it only made sense to write blog posts combining my two favorite things: drinking from wine glasses and finding the silver lining in life. In the next few weeks please follow along as I share what I’m drinking for the week as well as one terrific thing I toasted to each day.

And of course, never forget that some days may be horrific, but everyday day has something terrific.

What’s in my glass this week: Senor Sangria Apple Raspberry

This Apple Raspberry Sangria is amazing. It’s not too sweet with a bit of tartness. And while I love the red wine and raspberries in this drink, it’s the cinnamon that truly makes it stand out. Of course, the pricing is just right as well. I’ve purchased it as low as $8.99 at stores such as Buy Rite in NJ. Unfortunately, I’ve recently learned that this drink has been discontinued so if you are interested in trying this you need to purchase it now.


With my drink in my hand, here’s to:


1/5/20 – My husband making it back from a work trip and surviving the boys by myself

For the last few days, I’ve been completely on my own with two growing boys. If you have children, you know how hectic life can get with two little ones. And of course, I was concerned about my husband’s well being on his work trip. To say I felt terrific when my husband arrived home from West Virginia is an understatement.

1/6/20 – The dedication to rising even more in love with myself

Today was hectic but yet I still found time to reflect on myself and the year. You ever notice that for some reason everyone is dedicated to being “a new me” every time a new year rolls in? Well, I’ve realized that I like who I am and I don’t need to be someone else. I’m proud of who I’ve become. This year is dedicated to being me and rising more in love with myself while I do it. That means making time for my hobbies, celebrating my accomplishments more and being gently with myself when I make mistakes.

1/7/20 – Amazon prime whole foods delivery

Did you know you can get free grocery deliveries from Whole Foods if you have Amazon Prime? I didn’t know until one of my friends posted it on Facebook this week. Since both my boys were sick and leaving home would be a hassle, I tried it out and I’m so happy I did.


1/8/20 – The ability to enjoy a good book in peace and work out

Finding a moment of peace is not always easy to come by, though I do try. Sometimes I feel most at piece when I’m alone with my book. Instead of vowing to read one book a month, I made it my personal goal to read for at least ten minutes everyday. Today, I was able to do that in a quiet setting my complex common area and it was nothing sort of glorious. I’m so grateful I had that opportunity to enjoy my own company. This was certainly one terrific thing in my day.


1/9/20 – To trusting the new opportunities on the horizon

Today I learned to trust that what’s for me is already mine. I don’t need to stress or panic because there a good things on their way to me. Life is beautiful now but it only become more beautiful once those opportunities receive me. And I do trust that those opportunities are coming.

1/10/20 – A modest and perfectly romantic date night

I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband lost his job unexpectedly. While he has since been offered another job, he doesn’t start for a few weeks so that means watching our spending. For obvious reasons, a romantic date night has been hard to come by. It doesn’t help that we have two small children who seem to be allergic to sleep for some reason. However, that didn’t stop my husband from creating a magical night. With the lights dimmed, candle light and a delicious meal we were able to enjoy a romantic date night while enjoying each others company. To say it was terrific would be an understatement.

1/11/20 Learning to trust in my abilities

Have you hoped for an opportunity and then realized you are terrified of it once it’s given to you? That’s exactly what I’ve been going through for the last few weeks. For weeks, I’d been pitching a story that speaks to my soul and was continuously rejected. When it was accepted, I rejoiced and then immediately set into panic. I questioned whether I was even good enough to write the story I fought so hard for. However, today I realized that I was given this opportunity because I’m capable of executing it. I reminded myself of everything I’ve done up to this point. I’m choosing to trust my abilities and see my potential brought to life.


What’s one terrific thing that happened in your life?

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  1. Life is full of terrific things . I keep a gratitude journal where I list the things that I am thankful/grateful for. Right now I am grateful for my job from home that allows me to be flexible schedule wise, especially with our kid being home from school today.

  2. One, I need to find this wine. Two, it’s all about your attitude and small victories. I felt when you said surviving the boys while hubby was on a work trip. My husband also travels for work and sometimes things can get crazy.

  3. My sister has been insisting I try Amazon Prime for Wholefoods. I can’t wait to enjoy a glass of wine. I’m happy for you that your husband has found a job after being laid off. It’s tough.

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