Motivational Monday: The truth about daylight savings time

motivational monday
Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.

There’s only a few more hours left at work and you feel like you never woke up. The coffee just isn’t doing it and surge of urgent emails just keep flooding your mailbox. I get it. This Monday is a drag. And the Monday after daylight savings time always seems to be the worst. Like everyone else across the country, I always find myself asking “Is it really necessary for the clocks to move forward every year?” And I have a feeling I will continue asking myself that for the rest of the week until I seem to catch up on sleep.

Seriously, is it me or does the constant changing of the clocks seem to be much more of a nuisance than it is a benefit?  Sure the days are longer, but it only brings us an hour closer to work, an hour closer to paying those bills and an hour closer to death. And who wants to be that much closer to a strenuous day of work and late fees when you couldn’t even manage to get a good night of sleep?

It’s pretty difficult to see the benefit in that. That is, until  I realized turning the clocks forward does bring me closer to all things I look forward to. That one hour I lost means I’m that much closer to seeing my friends this Saturday and even closer to pay day on Friday. Not monition, I’m an hour closer to catching up on that hour of sleep I lost last night. (Lord, knows I need it after getting up for work at 4:00 am.) Once I realized that small tidbit, my day certainly got a bit brighter!

So instead of thinking of this Monday as the worst one all year because of the loss of hours and the proximity to unwanted chores, it’s about time we think of it as bringing us that much closer to the things we look forward to. (Not to mention we’re now further way from the things we want to leave behind.) Allow the sunshine to give way to hope while the fears and disappointments fade into the dark this daylight savings. Do that, and you’ll always stay on the sunny side of life!

 TERRIfic Quip: Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.

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