Motivational Monday: The Problem with Eggs in Baskets


motivational monday

We all know that phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” yet we all do it once Monday comes rolling around. And we do it continuously throughout the day and week. Don’t believe me? Did you wake up today exhausted, drag yourself out of bed and convince yourself that you won’t rouse up until you have that cup of coffee? Or did you tell yourself that you can’t possibly have a good day if don’t make out to the gym before work today?

While neither of those quick fixes or paths to happiness are horrible ones, they both involve depending on one outside things to ensure your bliss mood. Sure it seems harmless, but it’s not exactly a good idea. What happens if you are running late and never get the chance to grab your coffee? Are you just gonna allow yourself to be groggy and unproductive all day? And it’s very likely that a previous injury could prevent you from making it to the gym. Does that mean you’ll have the worst day ever?

Just as we know not to put our eggs in one basket when it comes to finances, we shouldn’t do that when it comes to our wellbeing. In a perfect world, you’ll always be able to get the cup of coffee, go for that jog or take that long bubble bath to ease the day. But let’s face it; the world isn’t perfect and things won’t always go our way. It’s up to us be prepared for it, and roll with the punches. Otherwise, we’ll always be depressed.

Rather than separating with those eggs and placing them into that one basket, choose to devour the eggs as you make the choice to be happy and productive for the day. Instead, of putting your happiness in the hands of the barista making your coffee or the gym employees, wake up today and tell yourself, “Today is a great day and it will only get better if I get that special cup of coffee.”


A blissful day is always within your own reach and in your eggs. Never give someone else that power by allowing them to cook the eggs for you.

TERRIfic Quip: It’s up to you find beauty in the ugliest days.

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