Motivational Monday: Ides of March

If you’ve studied Shakespeare in high school and actually paid attention, you’ve dreaded the last few days. That’s because in many Shakespeare plays, such as  Julius Caesar, the words “beware the ides of March” were repeated throughout the play. We later found out that the ides of March, also know as March 15th, was the day that Caesar was killed. Since then people have associated March 15th and the days surrounding it with doom and misfortune. If you are one of those people who believed in the doom surrounded around the day known as “ides of March” or any Monday at that, I’m here to tell you there’s not need to worry. That’s because the horrible misfortune of Monday, is really just a figment of our imagination.

“How is it only a figment of my imagination when every Monday morning I wake up feeling like crap?” I know that’s the thought running through most your heads right now. The answer is, you willed it to happen. I’m willing to bet, you go to bed every Sunday night dreading Monday because Monday will be such a drag. And because you went to bed believing that Monday will be a drag, it was indeed a drag.

Monday will be whatever you decide it will be. It’s time you this Monday will be one to remember. 

TERRIfic Words: A few positive words is enough to turn your whole day around.



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