Motivational Monday: Have You Given Thanks?

It’s almost 10:30 am. Have you given thanks as yet? I’m not talking about praying…. although praying in the morning isn’t a bad idea either. But what I’m talking about is giving thanks to those people in your life that help make life worth living and bliss. When was the last time you showed your mom how appreciative of her you are when it wasn’t mother’s day or her birthday? Or how about the last time you gave your doctor a shout out for her amazing bed side manner? No, covering the difference in your copay doesn’t count. Birthday or not, holiday or plain ole Monday, people like to feel appreciated. What better way is there to start the week than by showing your love to someone else just because it’s Monday? And I don’t mean just an “I Love You” text or “Thanks for being you,” email. I’m talking about a physically handwritten letter with your favorite pen on a piece of paper you carefully selected.


There’s something about taking the time to handwrite and mail something selflessly rather than rushing through an email. Imagine how important the recipient will feel as she shifts through the pile of mail junk and bills to find your pleasant surprise mixed in the bunch. Take a step further and don’t sign the note. Or send two notes – one to a friend which you sign and one to someone else with no indication of who it’s from.

Sure you may never get a thank you or acknowledgment from an unsigned note, but that random act of kindness can really make a difference in that person’s life. And knowing that you have the power to completely turn someone’s day around is enough to make any Monday one to remember.

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