Monthly Mantras: Back to School Edition

Repeat after me: I am open to learning new things everyday.

Yes, I’m aware school started several weeks or even months ago for most of you. However, that doesn’t mean the anxiety associated with school has disappeared. Whether it’s day one or day 76 of school, there’s a lot that can have you dreading the school day ahead from what you’ll wear the first day of school, passing that test or even getting from the commuter parking lot to your class in time.

Thoughts of those stressors and more can seriously damper your entire day, week or school year. And of course that’s where my motivational quotes and daily affirmations come in. Honestly, other than my husband, then boyfriend, the only thing that got me through a not-so-great college experience was the affirmation I had hanging on my dorm room wall.

It said, “I am greater than my biggest obstacles and most difficult class. And I will graduate with honors.” Somehow waking up to that next to my bed every morning did wonders during my college days. Because of how great they worked for me, I’m sure to even tell my six-year-old and three-year-old boys some positive mantras before he goes to school every morning.

Now admittedly, I know repeating affirmations is only part of the equation when trying to live a full life. You can’t simply say something once and expect change. You need to take action, and sometimes that action means asking yourself why you believe what you are trying to change. Or that often means having uncomfortable conversations with yourself or someone else. An affirmation is simply the first step in manifesting the school days you desire.

So in the hopes that daily affirmations will set you up for days full of positive vibes, I’m providing you with some monthly mantras. Whether you are a college student, in your freshman year of high school or a middle school student, these daily affirmations could be exactly what you need to help make a good school year even greater.

These school mantras to live by will make going back to school even easier.
These school mantras to live by will make going back to school even easier.

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