Money Mantras: Exactly What You Need To Say to Increase Your Wealth

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Repeat after me: I’m richer than I think and capable of living even richer.

When was the last time you took an audit of your thoughts surrounding money? Chances are you’re probably long overdue for one. Let’s face it. Most of us want more money, but don’t realize that we have less than glamorous thoughts about it. It probably stresses you out, makes you become desperate and constantly say to yourself, “I never have enough money when I need it.”

Well as innocent as those thoughts and feelings may be, I’ve learned that it may actually be hurting your earning potential. It’s rare that people who are doing well financially actually have a good relationship with money. And it’s rare that people who don’t place a stigma on people who are wealthy are wealthy people themselves.Don’t believe you do that? If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the money the Kardashians have for “doing nothing” or the 18 year old driving around Jaguar, you could be guilty of subscribing to the stereotype.

Whether you believe that you’ll never pay off your student loans, its impossible to save money or you’ll never make money because you don’t have money, it could be predetermining your future in the worst possible ways.Don’t let unhealthy thoughts about money keep you stuck in financial struggles. Since it’s financial literacy month I figured it was the perfect time to help you take control of your financial health. Now I’m no financial expert in the least bit. You all know I’m still trying to get a handle on some debt. However, I do know a little bit about thoughts shaping your future. Mom always said what you think and say becomes your future. So why not apply that same tactic to gaining financial freedom.

While I’m clearly not rolling in dough yet, I always feel better saying my personal money mantra “I attract opportunities and money is always flowing towards me. I will be debt free at 30” I’m hoping that since April is financial literacy month that my personal money mantra will hold some extra weight and some new act of congress will forgive student debt for anyone who’s got rhythm. (A girl can dream right?)

It's possible you have negative thoughts towards money without even realizing it? Luckily, changing your attitude about money is as simple as saying it aloud.
It’s possible you have negative thoughts towards money without even realizing it? Luckily, changing your attitude about money is as simple as saying it aloud. Check out these top money mantras

Though that’s not likely I still encourage you to work on any negative thoughts about money you may have and develop your own money mantra. Create your own that rings close to home and practice saying some of them a few times a day. I have alarms set on my phone for 9:00 am, 1:30 pm and 9:00 pm as reminders to repeat my mantra of choice at each specified time. With mommy brain at full speed, I often need that nudge.

Even if you don’t believe what you are saying now, keep at it and eventually you’ll come around. Remember changing lifelong unhealthy thoughts about money isn’t an overnight process and takes more than repeating money mantras. However, daily money mantras are definitely a start and may be exactly what you need to earn the wealth you deserve.

If you’re having trouble coming up with your money mantras, use some of the ones I listed below. Or check out the following books if your thoughts about money need even more reprogramming: Rich Dad Poor Dad, You are a Badass at Making money, The Power of Broke. Happy Financial Literacy Month!


Money is constantly flowing towards me.

Did you know that the opportunity to make money is everywhere? Money certainly does grow on trees and luckily you can find trees anywhere.


“My dreams are coming true and money is helping me.”

It’s important to remember that each day you are moving closer and closer towards your dreams. Money can only help speed up the process.

“I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.”

Money is always right around the corner but if you stigmatize it and resent those who have it, the money will pass you by.

“I deserve prosperity.”

As crazy as it sounds some people feel guilty for living well and seek out the struggle bus. But please know, you aren’t designed to be on the struggle bus. You are deserving of life where you can thrive in luxury.

“I spend money wisely.”

If being wise about spending habits has been a struggle, that stops here. Your wise money choices will only lead to more good fortune. If you don’t believe it now, keep saying it and you will eventually.

“I am a badass at making money”

If you don’t know, now you know. You can make money in your sleep.

“You can make a million excuses or you can make a million dollars”

You may not have a good enough car, a crappy phone and no time to spare. But you also have something you can use to put you on track to those millions. Figure out what that is and use it

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“I love what I do and that love brings me all the wealth I want.”

Some people subscribe to the notion that their field of choice and doing what they love will never yield a high income. Yet, there are teachers earning a million dollars from selling lessons plans and someone making big bucks mailing potatoes around the country.

“Money is important to my life.”

Saying that money is important doesn’t make you greedy, materialistic or selfish. It only means you understand how instrumental money can be. Recognizing its important doesn’t take away from the value you place on your family.

“It’s ok for me to charge what I believe I deserve for my knowledge and skills.”

So many people are accepting pennies for truly valuable skills due to guilt, fear of outpacing themselves and questioning their abilities. You are worth what you say you are worth and the right clientele will come along and agree.

“I want to spend more time doing what I love and money helps me do that.”

It’s time you realize that your dance classes, date nights, books, and family vacations cost money. Money will only make it easier for you to indulge.

“My focus will be my wealth.” 

Rather than throwing a pity party and focusing on your struggle, try focusing on all you do have that can help you bring in that cash money and wealth.

“More money will not change me for the worst. It will change my life for the better.”

There seems to be a stigma that people who have money are rude, cocky, and entitled.  Sure, some rich people are entitled assholes but many of them are selfless, generous, humble and inventive people who have recognized that money is a tool not a curse.

“Money can solve problems.”

You know that saying, “Mo money, mo problems”? Well if you subscribe to that line of thinking I beg to differ. More money only creates problems when you think about. Focus on solutions and not the problems.


So what do you think about these money mantras right on time for Financial Literacy Month? Well, it’s time to put them to the test! From now until April 10th, myself along with several bloggers are running a contest to win $350! Enter below, and see if any of your money mantras result in some extra cash! Good luck!

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Do you have unhealthy thoughts about money? Do you think it’s preventing you from earning the wealth you deserve?



TERRIfic Quips: You’re richer than you think.


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  1. I love this! Having a healthy mindset towards money will definitely take you places and I already know what a negative mindset about money will do for you. If you want the same ole, keep thinking the same ole. But in order to progress and truly prosper, you have to think wealthy and it’s something I’m glad more people are talking about these days.

  2. I love this and I’m definitely going to write some of these out and put them on my work desk. It all begins with a thought and your mindset, and I’m definitely going to be a money magnet in 2018 and beyond!

  3. I try to live by the principle “The love of money is the root of all evil.” But I do recognize the need to be responsible with the money I have.

    1. Money definitely isn’t everything. However, I’ve found that when we associate money with evil we are subconsciously unreceptive to money. Money isn’t bad. Wanting more money isn’t bad and being appreciative of the money you have isn’t bad. Of course, your life shouldn’t revolve around money, but we need to be willing to accept that money is can help you live the life you want.

  4. I’m all about speaking those things that be not as though they were. Especially when it comes to my money! But you’re right changing the way we think is half the battle.

  5. Great post. A positive mentally changes so much perspective! We certainly do tend to stand in our own ways! Thanks for the reminder to always view things in a positive manner and to work on a healthy appreciation for money. I struggle with the notion that money is the root of all evil and a apart of me will always believe that because money and greed go hand in hand and have ruined morality in some aspects. It’s hard to not see the injustice of a system that allows people to “work hard” for their money and “earn” when their are huge income gaps. I’m not saying you should dwell on this but it is important in how you respect money. We live in a society where no one questions why a CEO or a celebrity or athelte makes millions and billions of dollars while everyday hard working people like teachers and construction workers struggle to feed their family. That may be a different topic but it’s somewhat related. My point is working hard and living your best life are important but so is making sure it’s not at the expense of someone being able to just live. It’s not jealousy or a stereotype to point out that the ceos of Walmart and McDonald’s are billionaires but only pay their workers minimum wage.

  6. Positive thinking overall is something we practice in our home. I never heard of money mantras but these make a whole lot of “cents “.

  7. Great advice! Chaining your mindset towards money is a one of the first steps to increase one’s wealth.

  8. I love this! And actually I may write some of these down in my planner and to put on my wall at home to remind myself. Money is such a touchy subject and positive thinking will help the entire process

  9. I need to say many of these on a daily. I believe in the power of words and positve affirmation to manifest more money in your life.

  10. I agree with this. Our thoughts shape who we become! I have affirmation reminders set throughout the day. One of them is “money flows to me easily.” I’ll adopt some of these other statements!

  11. I do think it is important to be positive because thoughts in your mind can manifest in your life. I do not need to practice saying great thing in regards to money. I must admit I talk negatively about them student loans, I can’t imagine paying them off but gid works miracles. lol

  12. I’ve never thought to use a mantra to help get in the mindset to increase wealth. I’m going to try it… and then maybe come up with some on cleaning the bathroom 😉

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