I Let Fear Get the Best of Me

If you’ve followed this blog for you a while, you probably realized the fearful posts I was once so committed to publishing weeklies has disappeared. It’s been months since I’ve told you about how scared I’ve myself daily.  I’m not proud of it. I’d love to say it was because I’ve been planning a ridiculously crazy and out-of-this-world plan that I had to wait for further development before I revealed it to you. I’d even love to say it was because I’d experience such growth in my business that I had to cease keeping up with the blog. But that isn’t true either. There’s only one word to describe the reason, why I discontinued by fearless posts. FEAR. Yes, it’s a bit ironic but it’s true. I was fearful that what I posted wouldn’t live up to

In the past year, I’ve written posts about snorkeling, auditioning for a professional dance team and challenging my body with new tricks on the pole. After rereading those past posts, I know there was no way anything I wrote would live up to that. So instead of doing something even more scary than conquering the ocean I took the coward approach and stopped trying.

I stopped challenging myself, which ultimately stopped myself and this blog from growing. Of course, that defeated the whole purpose of my starting the year long fearful challenge. Conquering your fear means allowing yourself to live. And for months, I let my fear take away my right to life. That ends now. Next week, I’ll be back to my updates of living a fearless life.



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