How to Draw the Perfect Bath for Relaxation

Repeat after me: I am deserving of peace.

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For the last few months, I’ve made it a priority of mine to take a bath at least once a month. And it’s honestly one of the best things I ever could have done for myself. As much as I love being a mother, I’ve learned that one of the saddest things about motherhood is finding the time to give small children a bath every day but never finding the time to take a bath yourself. Even if you aren’t a mother, it’s very disappointing to do things for other people on a daily basis but rarely doing something for yourself.

After dealing with the daily stressors of life, you deserve some me-time. And if you haven’t awarded yourself with me-time for a while, you’re likely frustrated, exhausted and run down. That’s why I schedule a date with myself on the first weekend of every month to take a bath. Doing so helps me start the month relaxed and blissfully ready to handle the new months challenge as I wash tension away. And if you do it right, you can definitely step out of the bath tub feeling like a new person who can conquer the world. Here’s how to draw the perfect bath for relaxation.

how to draw the perfect bath for relaxing

Step One: Take a shower

I know this sounds crazy, considering you’re preparing to take a bath. But I personally cannot enjoy a bath if I haven’t taken a shower beforehand. Otherwise, I just feel like I’m sitting in my own filth. When I take a bath it’s never for the purpose of getting clean. I use baths as a method of relaxation and self care. I can’t relax if I feel disgusting in my bath so a shower beforehand is a necessity. In my opinion, I can’t draw a perfect bath If I don’t feel clean. If you like, you can make your shower a little more special by throwing in some shower bursts. I ABSOLUTELY love these by HydraAromatherapy 

Step two: Select your bath enhancements

Sure, you can just turn on the water, add nothing and be fine. But then it wouldn’t be the perfect bath. The best baths always have something extra to help make your skin feel extra silky smooth and luxurious. Bath bombs, bath salts and bubbles are always a crowd favorite for baths. Just make sure whatever you choose doesn’t leave a big mess. Drawing the perfect bath means not having too much to clean up afterwards.

Make sure the bath bombs you use don’t dye the tub a different color that requires a ton of scrubbing. And if you use salts and petals, place them in a mesh bag before throwing them in the bath. It won’t always make for the most eye catching instagram photo but you won’t be left scrapping up leftover salts and flower petals when you’re done. You can also create some skin softening bath oils. I like to mix a little coconut oil with a few drops of lavender or citrus essential oil. Your skin will feel great and the scent is so divine.

Step three: Choose your entertainment

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a bath in silence, but something about adding an entertaining aspect makes it special for me. Think music or even a movie. Yes, you can Netflix and chill in the bathtub if your heart desires it. My personal favorite thing to do is listen to some meditation prompts via the Headspace app followed by my bath time playlist filled with my favorite 90’s R & B music. That’s when I usually lean back and relax with my sheet mask on as l clear my mind.  Or think about the perfect book that will keep you company in the bath. I’m a big fan of this one. 

Step Four: Pour the perfect beverage

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’m a big fan of making a toast to something good daily. Obviously drawing the perfect bath is something good so it’s certainly deserving of a glass of wine or a cocktail. Or if you don’t drink alcohol, Brooklyn Active Mama has a great list of tasty mocktails for you to try. Don’t forget the incredibly chic glassware or the cute wine glass!

Step Five: Get a small stool

Since you’ve gathered a lot of things in preparation for this bath, it only makes sense to get something to put it all on. It’s not the perfect bath if you have to keep running out to the sink to get your glass of wine or leaning over the tub to reach your face mask. Either get a bath tray like this one or use a small stool on the outside of the bathtub to make all your bath time accessories accessible. Whatever you choose, make sure the height matches that of your tub and is big enough to hold your book, ipad, drink, towel, face masks, etc.

Step Six : Get the water right

I know they say that hot water dries out your skin, but in my opinion it’s perfect for a relaxing bath. I like to fill the bath tub half way as hot as I can stand it and then fill it with cooler water for the other half or until I get to the perfect water temperature.

Step Seven :Create the ambiance

While the water is filling up I like to do what I can to set the perfect mood and ambiance. Sure, some salts and bubbles can make a good bath. But one thing my husband has taught me is that lighting can turn a typical task into an experience. Enter puck lights. So we’ve amassed a small collection of puck lights for the purpose of creating  a lighting setting to create moods of your choice. I’m a big fan of using puck lights in bathroom and setting them to a cool blue or a warm red for my baths. Of course, if you don’t have puck lights, you can light candles.

Step Eight: Exfoliate

The very last thing I do in the tub is exfoliate. Even though I do this in the shower, I like to go at it again with a salux cloth and go to town so my skin can just inhale the coconut oil and epsom salts.

I normally allow myself one full hour to enjoy my bath before stepping out and throwing on a robe to rejoin society; or the chaos in my home. And after taking the best bath of my life, I’m always ready to handle it.

When was the last time you took a bath?

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  1. Taking a shower first did seem weird, but made sense eventually. Can you believe I’ve never drawn a bath for relaxation before?! I’ve got to remedy this. Thanks for the tips!

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