How to be a Dream Catcher – Believe in the Impossible!

I’ve been fortunate to realize at a young age that, all dreams are within reach. It doesn’t matter how far-fetched, how expensive, or how long it will take. It is always attainable. I don’t care what anyone says because I know the truth. Nothing is impossible. It’s something that I have believed for myself and others with everything within me for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the reasons why I like to call my self the Ambassador of Dream Catching.

I think we all start out this way at first. As little girls and boys, we have dreams of being a president, becoming a Nascar driver or beating a Guinness World Record. And then life gets in the way. You have kids, bills to pay, and health to take care of. Suddenly, your reality overshadows the dream cloud. Unfortunately, I’ve found that once this happens and we grow up, the “dream catcher” within us dies. All you can focus on are your shortcomings rather than your strengths. You see all that could go wrong instead of what could go right.  Thoughts of “I will” and “We Will find a way” are replaced with “It’s late for me,” “I’m too broke to do anything,”  and “It will never happen.” Before you know it, those phrases take over your life. Suddenly, you are digging a deep grave for your dreams slowly but surely.


Quite, honestly when I see anyone go down that path it truly breaks my heart. I can’t believe it when people are blinded by doubt so  much that they can’t see all they are capable of. We are powerful beings and have the world in our hands. If only everyone channeled it…

That’s why I penned yet another ebook, 100 Things You Should Always Say – Dream Catcher Edition. However, I decided to go in a different direction. Instead of focusing on things you should never say, I decided to write about things you should always say! (Never is too negative of a word anyway!) This time around, I’m challenging you to be a dream catcher. I know you have it in you! Since many of you are unaware that you have it in you, the ebook lists 100 inspirational quotes to restore faith in yourself and your dreams. Read them and instill each of them in your heart and mind. Motivational and uplifting quotes are included  for the fitness guru, unhealthy, student, starving artist, and entrepreneur to help you condition your mind, believe in yourself and inspire you to go after your dreams. It’s about time you started believing in the impossible again. Have big dreams and vow to catch them. And as always, live life terrifically cause it’s never as bad as it seems.

In what ways are you a dream catcher or do the impossible? – Want a free copy of the 100 Things You Should Always Say – Dream Catcher Edition? First ten people to email me at terri@writingbyterri.com and agree to write a review receive it for free!

TERRIfic Quip: If you can manifest it in your mind, you can manifest it in your life.

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