Fearless Quest Week 17: Spending money to grow

It’s my first week back in the challenge to be fearless.  In light of my last post acknowledging poor business decisions, I decided it was time to focus on conquering my fear of investing in myself and my business. I’ve been so focused on saving money, that I never knew when to spend. As a result, my business and I stopped growing.   One of the scariest things in the world to me is not having fall back money and never having enough. Needless to say I am not a spender. So this week, my focus was on spending money and investing in myself even though it scares the hell out of me. Here it goes…

May 29th : Purchased a blog banner for my ebookAs you may recall I published an ebook about inspiration and motivation last year. Unfortunately, it’s not generating as many sales as it used to because I haven’t been promoting it. Today I spent $20 for a banner on the blog, Mama’s Got it Together. Of course, I was scared spending $20 that could’ve gone in my gas tank on a blog banner that may not even produce results. I was scared I’d be wasting my money and no one would even click on the link. The result: Since purchasing the banner, no one has bought the ebook and a few people have clicked the link. But I learned something about getting what you pay for.

May 30th – Bought wedding gift for someone I haven’t spoken to in years A distant cousin is getting married this weekend. Though we are friends on Facebook, I haven’t spoken to her since we were 7. Yet, I was compelled to stalk her registry and buy her a gift. However, I’m afraid she’ll think it’s weird to receive a gift from someone she has spoken to in almost 20 years. Well, I sent the gift, but she hasn’t received it. The Result: We’ll see. Only time will tell.

May 31st – Attempted the caterpillar on the pole. Unrelated to money or spending I decided to take a risk by trying a new move in my pole dance class that I’ve been absolutely terrified to try. It’s called the caterpillar. Basically, you are upside down on the pole and move your body like a caterpillar up the pole. I’ve been afraid to fall and hurt myself. The Result: I tried it and didn’t accomplish it. But I didm’ fall. Fear Averted.

June 1st – Drove the car on E. My fear of never having enough extends to my gas tank. I’m always afraid of letting my tank get less than half. For some reason, I think if it gets past half and run out of gas. So today, I drove about 6 miles with the light on E. The Result: I made it to the store and back without stalling. Fear Averted.

June 2 – Purchased social media blast for my ebook. My fear of spending/investing continues as I spent $100 on for a Social  Media Blast by Off Beat Bride. Again I was afraid I’d be wasting money on a non lucrative deal. The Result: So far 10 people have purchased, 45 people liked it on Facebook, and 616 clicked the link. Fear averted! I definitely think this one was worth the investment.

June 3 – Call loan people. I’m ashamed to say I’ve gotten behind on one of my student loans. Rather than avoiding them, I called to make the strange request that they apply money they owed me 6 years ago to the balance. They didn’t answer so I left a voicemail. The Result: We’ll see. Let’s hope I have the guts to call back.

June 4 – Agreed to audition to teach a Zumba class. I recently got licensed to teach Zumba. However, I have no experience teaching Zumba. An acquaintance told me about an open position and I agreed to audition to do it. I am scared out of my mind. The Result: We’ll see. The audition is next week.

Scariest Thing this Week: Hard to say, but I’ll have to pick spending $100 dollars on the social media blast. One hundred dollars is a lot of money for me to gamble with!


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