Fearless Quest Week 15: Journey to be Outgoing

I’m a pretty shy person and usually keep to myself. This week was all about being more outgoing, reaching out to others, and meeting new people.

October 24 – Fearless Fail

October 25: Reached out to an acquaintance via text message. I found out that an old friend of mine had recently gotten into some trouble and going through a hard time. Because it’s had been years since we last spoke and are now barely acqaintances I was apprehensive about reaching out to her and showing my support. I was afraid she might consider my gesture to be a prying move to dig for more information as opposed to a sincere show of concern. However, I decided that my actions would be genuine and that it wouldn’t be my fault if she interpreted it to be otherwise. I nervously sent a text asking how she was doing and said I’m behind her. Though, I didn’t get a response back I feel good knowing that I reached out to someone in need. Fear Averted.

October 26: Gave up the computer for the weekend. I’m a workaholic. Therefore, I’m always attached at the hip to my computer. I’m always afraid that if I’m not, I’ll miss some important email or the opportunity to take advantage of great endeavor if I don’t always have my computer on hand. This weekend I took a chance and gave my computer to my husband for the entire weekend. That meant no working for me. My big fear did happen as I really did miss out on an important email. However, it was nothing I couldn’t solve. Fear averted.

October 27: Did a headstand and climbed to the top of the pole. I reached new heights in pole class today, even though I was completely scared of them. With the help of my instructor I climbed to the top of the pole in the dance studio. Of course, I was afraid of falling. But I passed with flying colors and live to tell about it. Fear Averted!

October 28: Sent an invite to new friends. I met some nice people at the bar and got their phone number. It’s not the first time this has happened. Most times when I exchange numbers with people, I never hear from them again. I think I get scared it would seem creepy to just contact them out of the blue. Well today I did exactly that. I contacted the new friends I met at the bar and invited them over. While they were busy, they seemed happy about the invite. And I don’t think they got the impression I was creepy. Fear Averted

October 29: Made a complaint about my lease. My landlords weren’t adhering to the terms of my lease. They owed me money, but I was afraid to bring it to their attention. After all, they probably have big time lawyers and ammunition to fight. I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. However, I took a chance and brought it to the attention of the company. I was proved right and got my money back. Fear Averted.

October 30: Agreed to host a Miche party. My mom sells Miche bags and asked me to host a party for her. I was very skeptical about it because I’m afraid to alienate people by inviting them to something in which products are sold. They remind of those Mary Kay parties that I hate. I was afraid my friends would hate me and my Miche party. However, since it’s for my mom I figured I’d try to conquer the fear. I’ll report back after the party.


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