Fearless Quest Week 18 – Asking for What You Want

I’m sure you’d heard the saying a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Well this week, I put that sentiment.

June 5 – Asked to teach a sexy stretch class. I’ve been wanting to teach a class for a while now and finally asked my pole inside hook smiling antiqueinstructor if she thought it would be a good idea. She told me that we can consider it in September.

June 6 – Reached out to old friend on Facebook.

June 7 – Posted a video of me dancing. I learned a new trick in my pole class and was asked to post the video of it on Facebook. Of course, I was afraid of embarrassing myself but I did it anyway. Much to my surprise I got a slew of likes and positive comments. Fear averted.

June 8 – Complimented a random girl on her legs. I had the pleasure of attending the wedding for two close friends this weekend. Other then the ceremony, I was mesmerized by one of the guest’s legs. Of course, I wanted to tell the girl what I thought, but was afraid it be too weird. Regardless, I walked across the dance floor to tell the beautiful women what I thought about her beautiful legs. Rather than being creeped out, she thanked me and said she was flattered. Turns out everyone loves a compliment. Fear averted!

june 9  – Asked to get a free photo book. They say when you don’t ask you don’t receive. Therefore, I put my fear of rejection and humiliation to the test by asking customer service of MyPublisher for a free photo book. While I didn’t get what I wanted, I also wasn’t laughed at or ridiculed. The representative merely told me there was nothing they do do. Fear averted.

June 10 – Can’t remember right now, but when I do I’ll be back to update!

June 11 – Asked for a removal of fees. We had an issue with the landlord in which he wrongfully charged us for insufficient funds and late fees. I felt it would be a lost cause to have those fees removed. However, I spoke to the regional manager who said it was a fair request and could remove the late fees for us. Fear Averted.

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