Fearless Quest Week 11: Live to Dance

While this seems to be another random week of fears, I tried my best to conquer my those relating to past dreams. Returning to my love and dance was a big part of that.

September 26: Inquired about dance team. I’ve recently made the decision to get serious about dancing. I was once a hardcore dancer from my high school and college days. Of course, life got in the way and that all ended upon college graduation. However, a little squicky voice in my head kept nudging me to get back to it. Of course, I’ve been nervous because I’m so out of shape. Well, today I asked managers about dance team auditions for a local football team. I’m not sure why I was so nervous to ask. Maybe it’s because that first step is always the hardest to take. Regardless, I got the information I needed and will seriously considering assisting the team.

September 27: Called my case manager. I’m in the Big Brother Big Sister program in which I mentor a Little Sister who is a complete sweetheart… most of time. The last time I saw her we ran into a little issue and I was nervous about telling our case manager about it. I was afraid that I did something wrong and would get in trouble. However, I told the case manager about the situation and she was impressed with how I handled it.

September 28: Drove to Egg Harbor Township . Well, we all know how I hate driving. Anytime hubby is around I force him to drive. (I think we’re both better off that way.) But this time I took a two hour drive down to Egg Harbor Township which is two hours away from me and pretty close to Atlantic City. I am really bad with directions so I usually abstain from driving anywhere that I’m not even a little bit familiar with. However, this time I conquered my fear of driving to an unknown town and didn’t even get lost!

September 29: Tried store samples. I never try store samples because I”m always afraid of getting sick from eating open food in a store. Plus, you never know the health or hygiene of the person passing them out. However, while shopping at Wegmans I took a big risk by eating a store sample. Not only did it taste really good, but I didn’t even feel sick!

September 30: Applied for a bartender position. Well this sounds weird, but I’ve always had this secret desire to be a bartender. Did I mention I don’t really drink alcohol? Despite going to bartender school, I’ve always been afraid to give it shot. After all, a lot of bartending jobs have to deal with your appearance and ability to chat up clients, etc. Well, today that all changed when I applied to tend bar at a local restaurant. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

October 1: Told my husband the truth about my past. I think we’ve all told little lies to our significant others in the beginning of the relationship. Well, I carried that lie throughout the entire relationship. Tonight I finally told him the truth reluctantly to which he responded “Really, is that all?” It’s funny how some things are only a big deal in my mind. I truly had nothing to be scared off.

October 2: Made a real commitment to dancing. Even after taking dance classes for most of my life, I’ve been afraid of going back to it. So I decided to confront my fear of making a feel of myself in new dance classes by buying a dance card for local dance studio on Groupon.

Hardest thing this week? Confessing to my husband the truth about that white lie I told way back when. Have you ever came clean about a lie you told?


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