Affordable DIY Craft: No- Sew Throw Pillows

Repeat after me: My hands make magic.

Despite growing up doing crafts with my mom ALL THE TIME, the craft bug bit me a little late. I didn’t even catch the bug earlier on in the pandemic when fabric, glue guns and sewing machines were nowhere to be found. But I like to credit my late start on the DIY bandwagon to my not having much free time for crafting as I was busy working, mom-ing, being a wife and doing virtual school with my little one. Plus, I always told myself that I am craft challenged. I either screw up the so called, affordable DIY project that was dubbed fool proof on Pinterest” every time or I buy all the stuff, and let it collect dust because it takes too long to complete and I didn’t have the time. Not to mention, some of the crafts and easy DIY projects end up getting rather expensive; especially if you’re new to crafting.

Little did I know, part of the reason why I never succeed at any of those affordable DIY craft, is because I told myself I wouldn’t. From the moment, I said I’m craft challenged I made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to complete any craft with success. And if you noticed, the theme of this blog always includes an affirmation because what you say to yourself matters.

So this time, I decided to go easy on myself when attempting another fool proof DIY craft. First I told myself, that I will find an affordable DIY project. Secondly, I told myself that I will finish it in no time and that I will nail it on the first try. Manifestation and positive thinking worked because I did it.

Enter: Affordable and Fool Proof DIY No Sew Throw Pillows

throw pillows
Easy and affordable DIY Craft: How to make decorative throw pillows

I knew I wanted new throw pillows for the holidays but also didn’t want to break the budget buying a bunch of throw pillows at $30 each. I got so excited when I came across this project on Facebook because I have no idea how to sew. Plus, getting all the supplies for this wasn’t expensive even with being new to crafting. (When you’re new to crafting, it can get pricey gathering all the basic materials.) The most important item for this affordable DIY craft can be found at the Dollar Tree.

Here’s everything you need to make this Affordable DIY Craft of decorative throw pillows

Directions for place mats

  • Line up the place mats
  • Hot glue around the edges of the place mats leaving a gap for the stuffing
  • add the stuffing (make sure you push into the corners. They’re often forgotten and too flat)
  • Glue the remaining edge of the pillow

In this particular example, I used a dish towel that had a white border I didn’t care for.

So I first turned the borders of the towel in before folding it in half and gluing. From there the steps are the same.

I glued four sides, leaving room to stuff with Poly-Fill. (If you have kids, you can have them help with this part.) In previous pillows, I completely neglected the corners so for this one I made sure I stuffed both corners of the pillow first before adding more of the stuffing. Otherwise, you’re pillow can look pretty sad with deflated corners.

Finally, I glued the last side together to reveal a cute, easy and affordable DIY craft throw pillow. Considering, my DIY attempts are usually so-so, I was surprised with how great these look. They’re not as flawless as something you’d find at Macy’s or even Home Goods, but you definitely couldn’t tell they were made from Dollar Tree items.

snowman throw pillow

I think the best part of this project is that they can easily be done with other patterns. I obviously used holiday themed dish towels and place mats, but I plan on making more for other seasons and holidays once I find the write prints that go with my decor.

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