The Absolute Best Time to Start Something New

Repeat after me: I have all I need to make a change now.

Just five minutes before writing this post, I submitted an application to speak at Princeton Public Library. It’s for a subject I’ve never spoken about previously to an elite crowd. Should I be accepted, I have no idea what I would say. I don’t know what points to focus on, what visuals I would use, or how long it should be. I’m not ready. I’m not even close to ready, but I submitted my entry anyway. Some may say it’s because I’m delusional. Others may say it’s because I don’t respect the trade. But the truth is, I did it because I finally figured out the absolutely best time to start something new.


You can’t strike gold until you try to do it.

And no, it isn’t Monday. Although, I really do favor starting new projects on Monday’s. It would also be easy to say that the first is the best day to start something new but we all know thats not true by the high number of new years resolutions that go ignored. Contrary, to popular belief now is the right time to start something new.  Today is the time to start working towards your dream. 

If you think I’m suggesting that today is the best time to start working on opening that sub shop even though you are in debt, don’t have any experience running a store or have the funds to get it done, you are right.

If your skin gets all tingly, your heart fills with joy and mind constantly drifts to that next big idea than it’s something you probably should do. It means you are passionate about it. For whatever reason, most people tend to forget that your passion plays a huge part in plan and getting it right. Sure passion, may not be everything. But it matters more than you think. If you’ve got the passion for it, you know what to do.

It’s natural to think you need to wait until all your ducks are in a row, done the research and have everything you need to make it a success, but it’s not. In fact, sometimes waiting is the worst possible thing you can do.

Waiting allows the fears to set in. It’s during the waiting period you convince yourself everything will go wrong, and doubt everything about your idea. And if you have the courage to start your plan after all that time waiting, you’ll be too apprehensive to make any decisions. Not to mention, the opportunities missed after waiting too long.

And sure, when you act immediately or even slowly for that matter, it won’t always be gold. But at least you’ve got a shot. Until you start, you’ve got absolutely no chance of hitting gold. So why not start today?

There are people who spend years perfecting and preparing an idea , but never act on it. You can read, run studies and plan forever, but until you make moves your idea means nothing. The grave is the richest place on earth because there are so many brilliant ideas being buried. Don’t be one of those people adding to the ground’s wealth.

You can always find hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t start, but if you can stop thinking about, you know you’ve got atleast one good reason to run with it.

So whatever it is you’ve been milling over or whatever new adventure you’ve been dying to try, do it today. Better yet, start right now.

What big project have you been dragging your feet on? Why haven’t you started it yet?

TERRIfic Quip: Start before you’re ready.

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