Monkey Say, Monkey Do? Well maybe…




If I told you to jump out of a plane, would you?

You’d say no, right?

What if I told you that jumping out of a plan would be the quickest way to a happier life, without student loans?

I’d hope the answer would still be no.

See how you used your own judgment there to make the smart decision on jumping out of a plane? That’s the same judgment I want you to make when following any advice on this blog.

I am not a therapist, physiologist or life coach.  Nor am I a financial advisor. So please don’t hold me liable for any advice taken that may not have gone as you expected. Everything posted on this blog is done so for informational and sometimes entertainment purposes.

That being said, I will always have your best interest in mind. Most things, if not everything discussed on this blog have been tested and tried by me. And if it hasn’t, I will make sure I let you know since sometimes I do write about recommendations from friends or other blogs.

You should also know that if you see a link that you like and click on it, I might earn some money from it. However, rest assured that my getting paid does not affect my opinion in anyway. I aim to be an honest blogger of integrity and will never intentionally steer you wrong. So please click away on anything you may see on this site and sleep easy knowing that it’s received the Terrific Words seal of approval even if it does earn me a buck or two.

Lastly, unless otherwise noted everything you see posted on this blog is original and copyrighted by me. If not, you’ll most likely see a source link or a blurb or two about where I got the content from. If you love my content enough to share it, I only ask that you adequately credit it to me. It only helps me get to know great readers like you and reach more people in need of living life even more terrifically.

Now enough for the legalize and my disclaimer. Since you got this for, I’m thinking it’s a safe bet you like what you see and want to learn more. In that case, I urge you to read my about page, follow me on Pinterest.  , check out my Twitter, like my Zumba and blog page on Facebook, and follow me on Instagram. 

And remember: Live life terrifically, cause it’s never as bad as it seems.