50 Amazing Life changing Freebies You Must Take Advantage of Now

50 Amazing Life Changing Freebies You Must Take Advantage of Now
A good bargain is always right around the corner.

Well, it’s official. Memorial day weekend – time for honoring our fallen soldiers and celebrating their courage all while bringing in the unofficial start of summer – has officially ended. The huddling around the grill has ceased, the beer has dried up and the gas has run out. You might be thinking the money has run out too. After all, with the cost of gas, tolls and beach fees rising, Memorial Day celebrations could be a bit pricey. So obviously a boat load of people will be doing everything in their power to cut back anyway they can.

Of course, I’ve been living in the frugal side of life and cutting back way before Memorial Day. As you may recall, I am aggressively working towards paying off my student loans. Like most people, I believe living debt free will change my life immensely. That means splurging on shoes, eating out, makeup hauls and random samples sales are a big no-no. As a of matter fact, spending money on anything at all is frowned upon until I get my student loan balance down to $0. I’ve been actively hunting down any deals, coupons and any bargains imaginable.  On my quest to spend no money ever, I’ve realized that it’s almost impossible. 

My father always told me that nothing in life is free because there is always a catch. According to him, even a kid’s birthday present is never free because you’ll have to buy batteries or some accessory to go with it. Because I am amazing at bargain hunting and butt heads with my dad frequently, I had secretly accepted the challenge of locating as many inexpensive deals that can help us get ahead in life. Since I can’t be beat, I’ve spent hours hunting down the best deals that were necessities in life. I found deals for groceries, toilet paper, shoes, etc.  However, much to my surprise I found some things that are much better than just cheap life necessities.   I’ve managed to come across a boat load of things that are completely FREE with no catch and have the ability to change our lives immensely. They have done wonders to help me in my quest to be debt free.

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Within this list of a freebies are items that have helped me improve relationships, productivity, reach goals and benefit me at work. I’m confident that if you choose to take advantage of these freebies, it could do the same for you. While none of the below have expiration dates, I’ve realized that the less you use them the harder it is to get them back once you are ready to return. So I urge you to take advantage of the freebies below ASAP and please let me know if the deal was worth it and how it managed to change your life if at all.

1. Manners

2. Respect

3. Positive thinking

4. Love to last a life time

5. True Talent

6. Common sense

7. Great sense of style

8. Rhythm

9. Good memories

10. Natural Beauty

11. Wild Imagination

12. Loyalty

13. A Compliment

14. Well-adjusted kids

15. A Good Reputation

16. Big Heart

17. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts

18. Tickle fights

19. Strong Work Ethic

20. The Warmest Hugs

21. A Good Idea

22. Eyes that Twinkle

23. Good Karma

24. A Bliss Home

25. A New Opportunity

26. Relationship With your Family

27. Sound Judgment

28. Strong Opinions

29. Selflessness

30. Gratitude

31. Luck

32. Patience

33. Close Friends

34. Sweet Dreams

35. Desire to Learn

36. Trust

37. Something to Believe in

38. Determination

39. Self-confidence

40. The ability to forgive

41. Happiness

42. Maturity

43. A second chance

44. Congeniality

45. Sense of humor

46. Committment

47. Stress-free day

48. Youth

49. Peace

50. Helping Hands

Ok so I may have mislead you a bit. While none of the listed items are tangible, they are most definitely free. And they are all invaluable assets needed to turn your life around.  You already have access to every singe item in this list, but it’s up to you to use to it’s full potential. No matter how much money you don’t have, how much debt you’re in or how many health problems you are battling, you have the power to change your life. Remember, the doors will open for those who are bold enough to knock. Luckily, you’ve already got all you need to blow the door down.

What other great freebies have helped you? Have any of the above lead to positive changes?

TERRIfic Quip: Life is a one time offer. Use it well.

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