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It’s no secret I am generally a happy and positive person. I’m one of those people who always believes in the fairytale ending. Even it’s not the ending I hoped for, I do everything I can to believe the outcome is what was best for that particular situation. Contrary to what people believe, I wasn’t born with a magical ray of sunshine up my butt. I wake up dreading Monday’s, stress about work problems, and get upset about dealing with people just like everyone else.

The difference between myself and most people, is that I intentionally choose to make each day the best day I ever had. That means

  •  I work hard to focus on life’s little blessings, no matter what burdens I may be facing.
  • I choose to see the good in people, regardless of how hurtful they may be at any given moment.
  • I have hope for a bright future and trust the process even though the journey may be rough.

While the above may always be my daily goals, it’s not always so easy to accomplish every day. Even I have moments when I get too caught up in my feelings and become a puddle of self pity. You know what I’m talking about – those days that you just want to rollover in bed and give up on ever having a blissful life. Luckily, those days rarely last as I’ve found a few simple solutions to help get me out of my funks.

Because my goal is to help readers of this blog live a happy, healthy, motivating and fulfilling life,  I’m sharing my list in the hopes that you can reap the benefits. While the list may be long, by no means do you need to do all of them. In my experience, doing just one thing on the list is enough to add just a hint of sunshine to your day and make it so much brighter. Best of all, every item on this list is free!



I’ve recently become a fan of morning yoga at the gym. Something about it always makes me feel so relaxed and ready to conquer the day.  On those mornings when I can’t make it to the gym, I choose to spread out on my living room floor and stretch. And it’s definitely a bonus if I use a yoga mat that has a cute print on it. If you’re one of those people who don’t know what to do once you get on a yoga mat, this one features illustrations for different stretches and yoga poses.



2. Kiss my husband

No matter how much he frustrates me or what mess he’s left on the floor, I try to put my differences aside so I can kiss him at least once every day. It’s funny what a small gesture can do for me mentally.

3. Write down my blessings

This was an idea I found on Pinterest. Because it’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of the day like unpaid bills, work-life balance, etc. I make it a point to write down at least one good that  happened that day and put it in my happiness jar. It’s serves as a constant reminder that some days may be horrific, but there’s always something that’s terrific.

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4. Cross things off my to do list

I can get a little overzealous with putting things on my to do list. I used to make lists that were 10 items or more. Then I get overwhelmed when I try to figure out how to do everything on it. That’s why I make it a habit to cross things off my list even when I haven’t done them – aka keeping my list to five items or less. Doing so helps keep me sane and levelheaded while focusing on my priorities. This planner has some amazing pages for to-do lists.

5. Look through photos

I’ve never been one to take a lot of pictures, but I’m definitely a fan of looking through them. It’s probably the reason why I keep getting alerts on my iPhone for no storage. But it’s all worth it each time I go through those photos and stumble upon wedding pictures, family outings, and pole lessons to pick me up.

6. Drink some tea

Even when it’s hot, I absolutely love drinking some tea. Bonus points if they are fresh tea leaves. It always feels so good going down and I’m convinced it helps me stay healthy as well. Plus, the aroma is always so inviting I can’t help but smile when I sip it.

7. Take a shower

I don’t care what time of day it is, or how many times I’ve already taken one. A shower will always be my favorite part of the day. Nothing washes away my stress and makes me feel energized like a steamy shower. And if you haven’t taken a shower using shower bursts, you are missing out. The ones from Hydratherapy are the absolute best!

8. Delete my emails

Clutter drives me insane, which is why I dedicate part of my day to deleting emails. My inbox isn’t empty yet, but I always feel much better getting rid of those that are unnecessary. It always helps clear mind, and makes the day function a bit better and brighter.

9. Take vitamins

Daily multivitamins has been a world changer for me. I am so much more energized and spunky when I take them. The difference is definitely felt on those days I skip out on my vitamins.

10. Eat breakfast

Call me crazy, but I can’t leave the house in the morning without putting something in my stomach. Don’t feed me, and I’m a grouch. I start my mornings full and believe the rest of the day will follow suit: full of life.

11. Drink water

I don’t know what it is, but I just crave ice cold water. I’m actually pretty cranky without it. It’s such a refreshing treat that I indulge in multiple times a day. And some how water always tastes better when you drink it from a wine glass or really nice water bottle.

12. Get dressed

Ever notice when you dress like a slob, you feel like a slob? The same applies when you dress nicely. My mom always taught me that when you look good you feel good. And boy was she right. I may not always be super dressy on a daily basis, but I always aim to look my best everyday.

13. Clean the living room

It’s funny how a clean home can directly effect your wellbeing, mental state, and functionality of the day. I try to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes cleaning everyday. I live for the moments I can come in from a long day and open the door to a clean living room.

14. Write a letter

In a world consumed with being on the run and communicating in only 140 characters, I absolutely love writing letters to a friend, family member or stranger just because. Nothing is better than finding a thoughtful note  mixed in with the bills, and junk mail to brighten your day. I love to be the person that brings that sunshine to someone else. As a result, I strive to write at least one letter to someone everyday. Bonus if it’s written using a pretty purple pen on fancy stationary. 

15. Make a to do list

I can’t function without a to do list. Each night, I create list of things I want to accomplish the next day to keep to me focused.

16. Climb my pole

No this isn’t a sexual reference. Doing some pole fitness daily has done wonders to my health physically and mentally. I can’t help but feel elated after a day I’ve spent working out on the pole. What they say about endorphins is definitely true for me. I intend to get my daily dose via a healthy heaping of pole fitness.

17. Be an actress

No, I don’t have plans to shoot for an Oscar anytime soon. I can’t fool a crowd into believing that I’m the prime suspect in a murder mystery.  However, I do believe in fooling myself into thinking it’s a better day than it is. Maybe I’m experiencing a slight cold, maybe I’m unsure of my ability as a cook, or maybe I’m not too sure of my performance in a show. Regardless of what it is, I keep telling myself that I’m great long enough for me to start believing. If I believe that I can the world’s greatest, I will be.

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18. Disconnect

Technology overload is real. Even when it’s my busiest day, I try to dedicate one hour each day to disconnect from tv, emails, social media, and the phone. It always helps me to relax, unwind and truly enjoy all that makes the day bright other than my backlight of my cell phone.

19. Listen to music

Being that I grew up dancing and singing, music has always been like therapy to me. Whether it’s dancing in my Zumba class, dancing on my pole or listening to my favorite CD, I always feel inspired after listening to some tunes.

20. Find something to laugh about

A day without laughter is a day wasted. That’s why I take it upon myself to genuinely laugh at something in the day. It’s the moments that make me laugh that always tend to be the brightest.

21. Write

I can’t go a day without writing something. Writing for my blog, or a letter to myself seems to be food for my thoughts and soul that always leads to a brighter day.

22. Be selfless

Giving to others is the easiest way to give to yourself. I’ve always been one for volunteer work, and helping others. Though I always do it without expecting anything in return, I always end up with the gift of fulfillment and pure bliss.

23. Allow myself to dream

I don’t care what anyone says. Procrastination and being lazy is good. I give myself the opportunity to stop being productive, and procrastinate so I can daydream. It’s always somewhere within those daydreams that I find purpose that makes my day worthwhile.

24. Forgive myself

And of course, after I allow myself to procrastinate and daydream I tend to feel a bit guilty about not being productive. However, I always try to forgive myself for not getting done what I wanted. Going easy on myself makes it so much easier to do more the next day.

25. Text a friend

I prefer to call a friend, but when I don’t have time for a conversation I usually text. It’s nice to let friends know you haven’t forgotten about them. And of course, it’s just another reason to smile that day.

26. Watch a sitcom

I have no shame in calling myself a sitcom junky. I let myself watch two sitcoms every day. Some may call it unproductive. I call it a time to let myself regroup, relax and recommit to the beauty of the day.

27. Compliment a stranger

Just like there’s always something good in everyday, there’s always something good in everybody. That’s why I always try to compliment at least one person everyday. It feels good to make another person smile and recognize the good qualities you may eventually want to possess.

28. Read some good news

I refuse to believe the world is all murder, debt and theft. Hearing about it all the time can get very depressing. That’s why I always set out to read at least one good item every day to help keep the faith.

29. Reflect on your past

Notice I said reflect on the past; not live in the past. With the constant struggles and stressors of the day, it’s hard not to get down about how far you’ve got left to go when reaching for a goal. That’s why, I find it worthwhile to reflect on my past. It serves as a great reminder to be proud of how far I’ve come.

30. Read something inspiring

It may not always be a book, but I try to read at least on uplifting thing to keep my thoughts terrifically high. It may be a blog post, it might be a book, or may even be my motivational quotes Pinterest board.

31. Rise with the sun

I am a morning person. Always have been. Waking up early allows me to feel productive, and get the day started the way I want to without feeling rushed. Getting up even a few minutes earlier provides so much clarity for the day. It helps  me feel more organized, calm and collected.

32. Leave home

When you work from home, you’re often tempted to stay home all day every day. However, I soon learned that’s the fastest route to a depressing life of solitude and boredom. Even if I don’t have to go anywhere that day, I try to leave home at least once. Sometimes, its just sitting outside on the porch and other times, its taking a drive to the grocery store. Whatever it is that gets me out always makes me feel just a tad bit better than I did before.


What are some simple ways you like to create happiness in your day? 

TERRIfic Quip: Let whatever you do today be enough.



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  1. Being more appreciative of life’s blessings every day was a major goal for me this year. Dreading Mondays got old quick, and I didn’t want to live my life rushing through everything and waiting for Friday. I love all of these ideas. I try to adopt a morning routine that motivates me to have a positive and productive day by making a to-do list, eating a healthy breakfast and reading something inspirational or listening to music.

  2. This so great and I will be sharing EVERYWHERE because I believe that we should do all of this. I actually have a post coming up on stretching because I am a different person when I do, I sleep better, I feel better–a lot of tension gets caught up when you sit for too long! I need to take my vitamins. I never remember. Fantastic list girl.

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