31 Days of Giving: Show Some Admiration

I know it’s late, but it’s still December 2nd which means I’m still on time for day two of our 31 Days of Giving Challenge.

Too often we underestimate the little comments that can really change our world because we are so busy liking statuses on Facebook and pinning pictures on Pinterest. Why not kick the gesture of liking a status up a notch and give someone a real good-natured compliment. It may not seem like much in comparison to a physical gift, however a good compliment will always hold more weight than a material gift. Compliments spread love. They create positivity. They show admiration. They boost ego. And they break the silent competition experienced by so many and serve as a good reminder that we’re all in this together. Imagine how dreadful life would be if you never received any admiration. And now imagine how lifted it could be if you know someone somewhere secretly appreciated your grace and style.

So give a compliment to the bank teller you see every week. Compliment the mail man or let your mother-in-law know you love her style. You’ll be surprised how much further your gift of a compliment can go.

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