31 Days of Giving When You Have Nothing to Give

With Diwali now in our rear view and Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s officially the holiday season. Of course, judging by the commercials you’d think it is the season of shopping, decorating, and complaining about Starbucks cups. But in case, you weren’t sure its the season of giving.

Unfortunately, that seems to be a source of stress for some – including me from time to time. I get it. The holiday season is tough. It’s hard to be successful during the season of giving when you have nothing to give. You’ve got bills to pay, three jobs, a gaggle of errands to run and a serious lack of funds. After working yourself to the bone, you have nothing left for yourself yet alone something to give. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Giving doesn’t have to involve spending money or physical exerting yourself beyond your capabilities. All it takes is some creativity, a good heart and the desire to want to give. But since some have difficulty putting their creative thinking to use, I’m gonna do it for you. Starting next Thursday – Thanksgiving- I’ll be posting a new way to give when you have nothing to spare for 31 days straight on the blog. I want every one to recognize that regardless of job, social status, financial state, prior commitments or religion, we are all capable of giving.

Stay tuned starting December 1 for 31 days of giving when you have nothing to give.

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