31 Days of Giving: Give A Hug

This post is part of a series, 31 Days of Giving When You Have Nothing to Give, dedicated to helping those with big hearts realize they have something to offer even if they feel they have nothing left to share.

koalahugI’m a big hugger and it’s not just because my last name includes Huggins. It requires no special talents or traits but a good heart and almost anyone can do it. I’m convinced that no matter what the occasion, a hug is almost always appropriate. Hugs share excitement when it comes to good news. They provide support when times are unpredictable and knees are weak. The tight squeeze is always necessary in times of mourning and no words can be spoken. They even provide encouragement when faith is needed.

There’s no denying the warm embrace can warm anyone’s heart. So why not, give a hug to someone today just because. No matter the occasion it will always be a gift that’s well received.

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