31 Days of Giving: Leave a Comment

This post is part of a series, 31 Days of Giving When You Have Nothing to Give, dedicated to helping those with big hearts realize they have something to offer even if they feel they have nothing left to share.

Think you’ve got nothing to give? Think again! Give your thoughts!

Brainstorm. Write. Publish. That seems to be all people think us bloggers do. It just seems so easy. However, writing a good blog post that people want to read actually takes some time and work. That’s why on this sixth day of giving, I urge you to leave a comment. Yes, just a simple comment on your a blogger’s page can make a difference. It lets us know that you like what you saw, you resonated with what you read, and it moved you enough to do something about it. Comments are one of the only ways us bloggers know we are doing something right.

So go ahead and tell us that you loved it, hated it, or even tried to sing about it. Whatever your thought is on our post we want to know.

It’s a small gesture that means so much to us. So please when you think you have nothing else to give today, give us your thoughts on a comment.

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