31 Days of Giving: Give Feedback

This post is part of a series, 31 Days of Giving When You Have Nothing to Give, dedicated to helping those with big hearts realize they have something to offer even if they feel they have nothing left to share.

You see them behind the counter at Starbucks. You talk to them at the bank. You even drive by them at the toll booth. Chances are you barely blink an eye at them because you’re too busy dong something else… unless they screw up.

In the spirit of “giving” season, it’s time to ┬ástep up and get to know your favorite service worker instead of just rushing by. Get their name, start a conversation and truly let them know they matter.

Kick your giving up a notch by giving your person of choice some positive feedback either to their face or to a manager. So fill out the customer satisfaction survey, submit that positive email and give the manager a ring. It’s a small gesture that can truly make a difference in the person’s job and life.

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