31 Days of Giving: Pick up the Phone

This post is part of a series, 31 Days of Giving When You Have Nothing to Give, dedicated to helping those with big hearts realize they have something to offer even if they feel they have nothing left to share.

Other than to send a text or check email, when was the last time you touched your phone to hands-compassionmake a phone call? No, listening to voicemails you know you’ll never return doesn’t count. Hard to think of a time, huh? Now, think about how long ago it was that you spoke to a grandparent on the phone? Chances are that date is even harder to remember. Grandparents – so passive, kind and easy to love but even easier to forget. As sad as it to recall, their days in our lives are numbered. However, it’s something many grandparents think about frequently, but rarely bring up.

Imagine how a simple phone call could make your grandparent’s day. Though small and simple, giving the gift of a phone call allows those grandparents to know that no matter how busy you are they still hold a special place in the corner of your mind.

Grandparent not around? Give a call to your mentor, aunt or any other close person whom you haven’t given enough affection to lately.

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