30 Things to Buy from the Dollar Tree that will Totally Make Your Life Easier

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that self-care, metal health, and relaxation have been the hot topics for the last year. If it involves sheet masks, and reading books with a glass of wine in the bath tub, you’re golden and it might even make you go viral on Instagram. But don’t let the Instagram mavens fool you. Self-care isn’t just about relaxing in hot tubs and sipping on cocktails. It also includes doing whatever you can to make your life easier to give you peace of mind. And it’s not always easy or Instagram worthy.

Sometimes self-care is cutting off your a friend, a family budget meeting, or even ditching social media for a week. It’s not easy, but that peace of mind and brief moment of sanity is worth it. For me it involves a trip to the Dollar Tree. It seems silly, but the Dollar Tree carries so many items that totally makes my life easier.

Peace of mind is worth a lot of money. Luckily, thanks to the Dollar Tree, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Don’t believe me? Check out my list of 30 things to buy at the dollar tree to make your life easier. Apply a few to your life and let me know what you think.

Whether it's for organization porn, self care, or entertaining guests, the Dollar Tree really has everything you need to make life a breeze.
Whether it’s for organization porn, self care, or entertaining guests, the Dollar Tree really has everything you need to make life a breeze.


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  1. Cards

Buying cards for special occasions can be so time consuming. It’s even worse when you run to the store the day off and struggle to find a card in a rush and there’s no good ones left. I always say there will always be birthdays.  So why not stock up on birthday cards ready to go whenever a party comes up. Better yet, get a bunch of blank cards to fill in for those special occasions like Father’s Day or just to say thank you. Having these on hand will definitely take the load off and

2. Bandages

I haven’t really had to utilize them yet but with my 2-year-old prince running around outside I figured its only a matter of time. I got a bunch of these minion bandaids to make the boo-boo hurt a bit less.

3.  socks

It’s not my fault, but I’m always losing socks. I have a hard time keeping track of them and even harder time trying to find them when I’m ready to head out. When my favorite no-nonsense socks are no where to be found, I head to my trusty dollar tree. I especially love their thick, fuzzy socks.

4. J.R. Dippers

Classic childhood snack

Remember these throw backs? They may not be name brand but their just as good. NO denying that they put me at ease my toddler is impatient waiting for his usual snack. And i appreciate the nostalgia and comfort they bring as i remember my days from the 90’s.

5. coloring books

Whether it’s for the kids or yourself, coloring is somehow extremely calming. Why wouldn’t you keep  some home regularly?

6. prune juice

This one is a bit weird, but for the last few months I’ve made it a point to have Dollar tree Prune Juice readily available.  Like many toddlers, mine has issues with constipation and for some reason the dollar tree prune juice is the only one he will drink and gets the job done. I’ve even tried giving him prune juice from Trader Joe’s and Whole Food’s to no avail so Dollar tree prune  juiceit is… When my toddler is happy, I’m happy.

7. Gatorade

For the most part I stick to drinking only water and tea. However, when you are a dance and fitness instructor some Gatorade is sometimes necessary to replace those electrolytes. Buying them individually sometimes costs more and when my husband and I can go through them quickly its just a waste of time going back and forth to the store. So I like to stock up on big boxes of them. I love that Dollar tree sells the bigger sized Gatorade instead of the smaller 16 ounce bottles. More bang for your buck.

8. keepsake box

Turns out I have a lot of little trinkets and memorabilia I just can’t stand to toss it. Of course, that means finding a place to keep them all which isn’t always so easy. The dollar tree has really cute decorative boxes which always come in handy when I find a little treasures for my family.

9. aluminum food containers

You know those times when you can’t seem to find a lid for your tupperware? What about the times you had people over, leftovers to give and no foil? That’s where aluminum take away food containers come in. I always have a few on hand to eliminate the headache of taking food on the go from mom’s cookout or giving food to others and wondering if you’ll get your good container back.

It never hurts to have take away containers on deck.

10. brown package paper

There are so many gift giving occasions throughout the year. That means so many different types of wrapping paper and gift boxes which of course means countless trips to the store, money wasted and tons of wrapping paper rolls shoved to the back of the closet bent out of shape. Instead, I get brown shipping paper on the rolls and use that for all occasions. All I do is customize for each occasion by gluing pictures to it, writing messages or having my toddler scribble on it. The personalized touch is always a big hit. Plus, I save money, save myself from another shopping trip and my sanity for keeping it simple.

11. cake or cookie mix

I’m not exactly a sweets person unless it’s fruit related. However, if there is an upcoming event or guests coming over I like to have a box of cake, browning or cookie mix on hand so I’m not in a panic trying to figure out what to cook in a pinch. And I’m really surprised at how good it tastes. And even if you don’t like box mix, there are super easy ways to make it taste like a fluffy homemade dessert.

12. Tote bags

I don’t buy tote bags too often because you can usually get them for free at fairs. However, I do try to have at least ten at home for my shopping trips at Aldi or other stores. The Dollar Tree has really sturdy and big tote bags so you can’t go wrong. Plus, I used colorful tote bags from the Dollar tree as welcome bags for my destination wedding and everyone loved them.

13. bag clips or clothes pins

Nothing is more annoying than a stale bag of chips when you are craving that savory snacks. Keeping bag clips or clothes pin at your home eliminates that problem. I know most people get bag clips, but I normally just use clothes pins because you get more in a bag and serves the same purpose. No more disappointments over stale snacks!

14. popcorn buckets

I realize everyone may not have this problem but I am a popcorn addict. (I blame my mother) Nothing is better than ending the night with a glass of wine or sparkling cider, a good book and a big heaping bowl of popcorn. Of course, I never seem to find a deep enough bowl. The popcorn buckets are perfect for that. The Dollar Tree also has individual popcorn bags perfect for company.

popcorn buckets
The Dollar Tree has everything you need for a movie night at home. It’s movie night made simple and on a budget.

15. Charcoal pore strips

So ladies, you know how it is when you get lost in the mirror looking at all those disgusting blackheads on your nose? They are so distracting and exfoliating just isn’t doing the trick which can get majorly stressful and annoying. It can’t just be me, right? Well, these nose pore strips completely blew my mind. I’m normally very skeptical of dollar store beauty products but this was amazing. I had no skin reactions and they actually removed blackheads! If the gunk in your pores is causing you grief you need these budget friendly pore strips in your life to eliminate the stress.

nose strips
Check out this Dollar Tree find! These charcoal pore strips work just as well as name brand strips

16. hair ties

Not much explanation is needed for this one. Hair ties always end up missing. One minute you have a pack of 18 and the next minute you can barely find one. Do yourself a favor and just keep a box of hair ties handy. They’re inexpensive and saves you the trouble of digging through every purse and pocket you can get your hands on to just find one

17. spray bottles

I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough spray bottles. I always seem to need them when I spray products in my hair, when watering plants and when I mix all-purpose cleaners from concentrate.

18. plastic wine glasses

You may not know this, but everything tastes better from a wine glass. However, once you need to clean a whole bunch of dishes it might leave a slight after taste. That’s why I always like to leave a small stack of plastic wine glasses on deck for impromptu company. The plastic wine glasses always set the mood, make a good impression, and keep me out of the kitchen for extra long cleaning sessions. Plus, I love that the ones I get from the Dollar Tree are rarely cracked.

19. wine and cocktail glasses

Of course, you can’t forget the real wine glasses for yourself. Surprisingly the dollar tree has some really nice glassware. I got the cutest little margarita glass which always comes in handy for national margarita day. Plus, water always tastes better in a wine glass.

colorful wine glasses
Everything tastes better in a wine glass especially when it’s only $1

20. dish towels

I’m always cleaning up messes and can never seem to find dishcloths to wipe them up fast enough. Surprisingly, the Dollar tree has a lot of dish clothes with great patterns. I like to switch them out seasonally when I can. Also, did you know you can make pretty cute throw pillows using Dollar Tree dish towels?

21. candles

Believe it or not, some of my favorite scented candles came from the Dollar Tree. And I seem to get the most compliments on them too. Not only is it great to have a fresh fragrance in the house, but they serve as great stocking stuffers or gift bag items in a pinch. And we all know that lavender scented candles can relieve stress.

22. cube storage bins

Perfect for any organization project and inexpensive

These cubes are amazing. They are cute and fit well in closets, bookshelves, and more. It’s actually what I need when storing my son’s toy, extra purses in the closet and more. And the are surprisingly durable considering they only cost one dollar. I’d by lying if I said these didn’t make my life easier.

23. Loofah

After a while, loofahs get nasty. Mold grows in them and you have to worry about germs and getting sick. That’s why they need to be replaced every three to four weeks.  Instead of taking the chance of getting myself sick and then feeling guilty about it, I just take my coins to the Dollar Tree and buy a couple to keep around if they start to get icky.

24. toothbrushes

Did you know you are supposed to replace your toothbrush every three to four months? I didn’t know until recently. Now that I do, I always have extra toothbrushes at home. And it’s always great to have them for unexpected overnight guests.

25. feminine hygiene

Do you really need a reason to have feminine hygiene products on hand? That time of month is hard enough. Let’s not make it harder by not having the items we need at home waiting for us. Plus, the Dollar Tree offers a few name brand items.

26. sponges

I hate touching sponges. They all seem gross to me no matter how often I replace them. The Dollar Tree has an assortment of sponges with handles that makes cleaning up easy and less gross. I like this one and buy a bunch for cleaning pots, bottles, etc.

27. scotch tape

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need tape. Sealing envelopes, wrapping gifts, labeling items – they all require tape. So it only makes sense to always have a roll of

28. tooth/ floss picks

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but  I hate flossing. There’ something about it that just grosses me out and seems ridiculously tedious; especially if you are using old school floss. However, I have no issues with these floss picks. Not only do they make oral hygiene a breeze, but the pointy edge is really useful when cleaning things with tight spaces such as the nooks and crannies of my son’s sippy cups. I always have a bunch of these around.

29. coin wrappers

I know everyone may not do this, but I collect all my loose change in coins and then exchange it for cash once the jars are full. However, I don’t take them to CoinStar machines because sometimes charges 11.9 percent. Instead, I wrap them and head to the bank to get my cash with no fee.

30. labels

I just started collecting labels off all types from the Dollar Tree and I’m so glad I did. Labeling everything has done wonderers for organization and making my life easier. Perfect for anyone into organization porn.

And there you have it, 30 Dollar Tree Items that will Instantly simplify your life and eliminate stress.


What are your favorite Dollar Tree items?




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  1. OMG yes to all of these! Some of these are right on time due to our being summer. I have one close to my house and I forget about it so your blog was definitely the kick in the pants I needed lol.

  2. A girl after my own heart. Dollar Tree is my third home right after TJ Maxx. I hate cleaning shower curtains, so I just buy them from Dollar Tree and throw them out when they get dirty. Dollar Tree also has really pretty gift boxes. I used them to package gifts to my bridesmaids and hostesses.

  3. Oooh! I love Dollar Tree! I haven’t been there in years, but reading your list definitely made me miss those days. Thanks for this – I may need it later!

  4. Well who know Dollar Tree sold charcoal pore strips??? Wow. I’ll have to try a few. Dollar Tree definitely has the best restaurant quality WHITE plates out there. I mean the quality is jaw dropping. I get them all the time and never worry if one gets broken or chipped ’cause it was only $1.

  5. This is a great list, I shop at the dollar store for some things but I need to buy more. I didn’t know about the Gatorade. I buy them a lot for the kids so I need to compare their prices to what I’m paying at Costco.

  6. Love this list. I definitely get cards, books, workbooks, pens and more from Dollar Tree on a regular. And I love the seasonal selections too especially around the holidays.

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