30 Things I’m Looking Forward to in My 30th year

Repeat after me: The future is mine.

You all know that I’m supposed to be done with doing all these lists. But this time it’s different. This one isn’t a list of over the top things that I’m pressuring myself to complete by a certain date. ┬áRather than making a list of lofty goals, I’m listing the things I’m most looking forward to experiencing during my 30th year of life. They’re the things that my personal nature tell me will most likely happen. They’re also the things I’ve decided to enjoy and savor as much as possible and be able to take something away from.

  1. Watching my son grow and learn about the world
  2. Hosting a wine related event
  3. Moving into another place
  4. Teaching Zumba overseas
  5. Make my blog more profitable
  6. Finding a group of local mommy friends
  7. Celebrating my 6th anniversary with my husband
  8. Growing my hair back
  9. Building a stronger relationship with my family
  10. Improving my writing skills
  11. Taking a cooking class
  12. Creating a new wardrobe fit for a 30 year old
  13. Exploring more of the state
  14. Taking more pictures
  15. Getting more comfortable with talking about myself
  16. Dancing more
  17. Having an organized kitchen
  18. Saving more
  19. Investing more
  20. Coming into my own
  21. The new books I’ll read
  22. The new people I’ll meet
  23. Getting closer to financial freedom
  24. More conversations with friends
  25. The magic of summer
  26. Learning about more wine varieties
  27. helping more people
  28. Learning new things
  29. becoming a better driver
  30. overcoming struggles

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