20 Amazing Things You Should Say to Yourself (And Believe)

Courtesy of Free Digital Photos/Aleksa D
Courtesy of Free Digital Photos/Aleksa D

I am a big fan of self-affirmation. As corny as it may seem, the day always seems to have a little more hope when I remind myself that I am indeed amazing. But as great, as my constant “amazing” reminders are, they aren’t as powerful as other phrases you should say to yourself. Let’s face it, saying “I’m amazing,” all day everyday is only going to work for so long. Instead, try adding some other phrases to your vocabulary when talking to yourself in order live to your full potential. Can’t think of any? Try these out and report back…

1. “Yes.”

It’s sounds like a simple enough word. And it may be one of the first words we learn to say as infants. Yet somehow as the years go by, the word gets harder and harder to utter – especially when it’s meant to be followed by something even remotely intimidating, challenging, or even promising. Take on the challenge to say, “yes” to yourself . (Think Jim Carrey, in the movie Yes Man). You’ll soon see how your life will suddenly unfold beautifully before your eyes. Try it – “Yes, I am good looking.”  ‘Yes, I will try for that promotion.” “Yes, I do cook a mean enchilada.”

2.” It’s my fault.”

You may be awesome, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a mistake from time to time. As difficult as it may be, you need to be able to own up to your screw up. Look in the mirror and admit  your fault. Once you actually believe it, you’ll be in great shape to get up, move on, and succeed.

3. “I need help.”

My parents always told me part of growing up was knowing when to ask for help. Unfortunately, it’s something most adults still struggle with.  saying you need help is something that most people struggle with everyday. Look yourself in the eye and admit you can’t do everything. You don’t need to be superman or superwoman. Tell yourself you need help and be open to receiving it when the time is right. You’ll soon see why there is power in numbers.

4. “I can do this.”

Sometimes the simplest thing you can do is tell yourself that you can do it. Ignore the facts, turn a cold shoulder to the doubt and embrace your ability to do the impossible. Only you know what you are capable of doing.

5. “I need a break.”

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do it all to be great. Actually doing it all, may be the fastest route to disaster and a life of chaos. When your body is telling you it’s tired and needs to recoup, listen to it. It’s trying to tell you to stop, breathe, and take a break. This day and age, we are programed to always be on the run so much that we forgot what it’s like to be still. Once we learn to listen to ourself when we say we need a break, things will suddenly start falling into place.

6.” I am worth it.”

Never settle for less. You know what you deserve. Take the time to remind yourself of your value every once in a while. Relive the reasons why you are great and why you deserve the best. You are your own best advocate for only you know what you deserve and what you are truly worth.

7. “This isn’t for me.”

You don’t have to do something because everyone thinks it will be perfect for you. Have the courage to break away from the mold and find what truly compliments your life. You’ll be much happier that way.

8. “I have something special to offer the world.”

Even if you may not feel like, you have a special quality that can’t be found else where. Remember that you are special, unique, and can’t be replaced. Once you recognize all you have to offer, you’ll be ready to take risks and live the life you’ve always imagined.

9. “I’m too good for you.”

I don’t ever suggest saying this out loud to anyone, but it’s ok to think you are too good for a job opportunity, potential date, or investment. Say it to yourself and allow yourself to have some standards.

10. “I love who I am.”

You are a beautiful person with a kind soul. You fill a void that no one else can fill. Love the person you are and be happy about who you’ve grown to be. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never be able to truly love another.

11. “I don’t care what others think.”

This may be a toughie considering we are constantly being judged by our bosses, college admissions representatives, etc. But sometimes you need to ignore the opinions of others so you can be you. Wear what you want, listen to your corny favorite song and cut your hair in that funky style you’ve been admiring. Once you don’t care about the opinions of others, you’ll suddenly start feeling more and more like yourself.

12. “I’m not happy.”

Even if it looks like you have everything from the outside looking in, it’s ok to feel as though it’s not enough. Admit that it’s not enough. Stop living in denial and speak the truth about your sadness. For some reason, the admission of your own unhappiness is the first step to finally finding it.

13. “I can change the world.”

Believe you can do it and you will. You have the capability to not just change your world, but the world of millions. It’s about time you speak it into existence.

14. “No.”

I know I said it’s important to be a “yes” man or woman to help you experience life, but that doesn’t mean you need to say yes to everything. As a matter of fact, saying yes to everything can sometimes get you in to trouble and overwhelmed. Don’t feel pressured to say yes to your daughter’s best friend’s mother to babysit on your busiest night because you feel you owe her for baking you cookies. It’s ok to be a little selfish sometimes, and say no. As a matter of fact, saying no to yourself and others is essential to maintain some level of sanity.

15. “I am a Facebook/Texting/Twitter/Instagram/ addict.”

I know this one is a toughie, but if you get all your news updates from your Twitter or Facebook feed it may be time for you to admit you have a problem. And don’t try to deny it because you hardly ever post on Facebook. If you know exactly when that girl from high school you haven’t spoken to in seven years is getting married or remember exactly what your co-worker made for dinner two nights ago even though you weren’t invited over, you are addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting or all of the above. You’ve got a problem that may be affecting your productivity and ability to socialize. The good news is once you admit to yourself, you’ll be on the right track to recovery.

16. “I am accomplished.”

It may not always seem like it, but you do have something to be proud of. It may be good grades or may be your ability to give a killer presentation at work. Whatever it is you have the right to feel accomplished and tell yourself so. Sometimes all you need is to recognize yourself for the little things to help you conquer even bigger things.

17. “Absolutely.”

We live a life of uncertainty. It’s so natural for us to give unsure responses such as “maybe”, “umm,” and “I think so.” It’s about time you say absolutely to yourself proudly and firmly. Leave the uncertainty behind and go forward with some conviction.

18. “Hey, there sexy.”

You’re sexy and you know it. And if you don’t know it, it’s about time you did. It may seem dumb, but you need to be willing to flirt with yourself in the mirror. Take a look and you might actually love what you see. Admire the shape of your eyes, hair and your sexy walk. Allow yourself to feel good about the way you look. It won’t be too long until you are singing, “I’m to sexy for my shirt.” Embrace your outer and inner beauty. After all, when you look good you feel good.

19. “I’ve got rhythm.”

Without art, earth would be “eh.” That’s why you need to admit to yourself that you’ve got rhythm and embrace the art of dance. You know how the saying goes…”Dance like nobody’s watching.” Be happy you’ve got rhythm and bust a move while you work out all your tension and pent up frustration. It always manages to make you feel better.

20. Nothing.

We have a natural tendency to overanalyze the little things. It’s ok to stop thinking and quit the talking. Instead, say nothing at all and enjoy the moment. Sometimes all you need is a moment of silence.

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    1. Glad, it gave you something to think about. Hope it makes you talk to yourself more. And no, talking to yourself doesn’t make you crazy! 🙂

  1. This is so great. #15 all the way. I like to label myself as a social media warrior though. It sounds so much better than “addict”! lol #19 I truly believe in. It’s why when I start my zumba classes I say “What happens in Zumba, STAYS in zumba!” 🙂 Dancing is such an awesome release of endorphins, so yes, everyone has rhythm to me.

    1. I have to agree with you there. First of all, I don’t care what site you favor, we all exhibit some type of internet or social media addiction at some point. And a million times yes to the fact that we all have rhythm. As soon as we stop thinking too much about it, the rhythm comes pouring out.

  2. Sometimes we are own worse critic. These are really great words to repeat to ourselves, especially 8 and 10. I think my daughter needs this kind of reinforcement too.

  3. Sometimes we are own worse critic. These are really great words to repeat to ourselves, especially 8 and 10. I think my daughter needs this kind of reinforcement too.

  4. I especially like 8 and 10. These are important things to tell ourselves everyday. I think my daughter needs to hear these messages too to help her build her self-esteem.

  5. This was great to read and something that I need to practice doing. When I was reading your post I thought I am going to try this. I think it will really help me. Thanks for the tips.

  6. These are great reminders to simply be honest with ourselves. If we’re not, we really can’t demand it of others. It’s hard to be honest about the areas where we aren’t doing so great. I call those my “big girl talks”. They’re not fun, but so necessary!

  7. I enjoyed these self talk suggestions. I love the one about changing the world. The only one that I found confusing was It’s My Fault. I am wondering how this approach is helpful. Thanks for your guidance.

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