15 Productive Tasks Kids Can Help with While You Work From Home

I know it seems strange, but I have fond memories of my mom bringing her work home with her when I was a kid. (Though, I’m not sure she can say the same.) Every now and then when she got way too busy to finish everything, she would  bring home several big binders, sit at the kitchen table and get to work. And if I was lucky, she would let me help.  There I was on the kitchen floor by mom’s feet being her special helper, and I loved every minute of it.

The best part was that she didn’t just give me pretend work to do. My mom actually allowed me to do productive tasks that helped her while she worked from home. Though, I do work from home with my children presently, there still isn’t much I can do with them since one is a hyperactive three year old and the other is only 7 months old. However, it is good to know that when they are a bit older there are things they can do. So whether you are working from home temporarily because of the corona virus or this is permanent professional setup, here’s products tasks kids can help with while you work from home.

Whether you from remotely because of the corona virus or permanently, here's productive tips for kids if you work from home with your children.
Whether you from remotely because of the corona virus or permanently, here’s productive tips for kids if you work from home with your children.

  1. Take photos

If you work in the digital space at all, you know good photos are essential to your job. If you are working from home this week due to Corona virus or indefinitely, consider allowing your kids take the photos you need for your ebooks, catalogues, newsletters and more.

2. Inventory

Whether it’s making sure you have enough stamps to send out mail or dry erase markers for all your schedules, kids are good keeping inventory. Allow them to count the amount of unpaid invoices in a spreadsheet, or jot down how many available envelopes you have.

3. Highlight items

Assuming your child can read, allowing them to highlight specific items in documents is always a great way to engage children. Direct them in highlighting particular dates, document names, prices or whatever else your work calls for. Not only does it help you out, but children will get a kick out of using different colors – almost like coloring! Luckily, there’s always erasable highlighters if they make a mistake.

4. Shred documents

Working from home usually means the build up of even more paper clutter. Luckily, this is where your kids can come to the rescue. Give them a pile of your unwanted documents and let them go to town with the shredder. Even my three year old enjoys doing this one with some adult supervision.

5. Stamp your signature

The lack of in person meetings, doesn’t eliminate the need to sign your name, date things or fill out forms. This is something easy your kids can do that will help take things off your plate.

6. Charge devices

We live in a digital world and we use them all the time. It’s not so uncommon to have important devices die from using them too much. Make your kids in charge of keeping all important devices charged. They’ll feel important and you’ll be happy your ipad won’t die in the middle of a conference call. If you need a power bank, I absolutely LOVE this one with 10,000 reviews on Amazon.

7. Erase voicemails

Am I the only one who has a bunch of unwanted voicemails taking up space on my phone? Give your kids a specific phone number and tell them to delete all voicemails associated with it.

8. Come up with hashtags

If you work in the digital space, hashtags may be vital for job. For some reason, hashtags is an area where kids excel. Have them help you brainstorm a list of hashtags.

9. Filing

Filing was my absolute favorite thing to help my mom with as a kid when she brought work home. I would help her file things alphabetically.  This is definitely something kids can do to help you stay organized.

10. Color coding

Allow your children to help you come up with a system by color coding different tasks and papers.

11. Put postage on mail

If you’re afraid of your kid messing something up, this is the perfect task to do. It’s almost impossible for a kid to screw up placing stamps on envelopes.

12. Sorting

Whether it’s mail, invoices, packing slips or receipts, there’s always something that needs sorting. Have your child go through a stack and put like items in a pile to help make your life easier when it’s time to find something or clean.

13. Organize your desk

It’s much easier to work when you have a neat space, but it’s not always easy finding the time to do it. Let your kids design a neat workspace for you to help keep your mind and area clear.

14. Put up your post-it notes

If you’re like me, you like to write your reminders on post-it notes. Get the kids involved, by having them post the notes in places around your computer or home office that will help you remember. Because they’re like stickers, the kids will love sticking post-it notes to random things around the the room to help mom and dad. You can even use these animal shaped sticky notes and use the task as a teachable moment about animals at the same time.

15. Write and cross items off

If you use a dry erase board, enlists your child’s help in either erasing items or writing tasks to get done. No matter the age, there’s always something extremely satisfying about crossing items off a to-do list.


Did I miss something? What else can kids help with while you work remotely?

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