15 Must-Ask Questions to Reflect on the Year

Repeat after me: It’s never too late to start over.

Thanksgiving is for remembering your blessings. Christmas is for children and miracles. New Years Eve is for reflection. Or as I like to put it –  Interrogation time. You see, I may be a blogger now, but I’m still a journalist at heart so I can’t pass up any chance I have to question any and everything I can think of. That’s why I’m a big fan of New Years Eve. It’s my chance to ask all those hard to answer questions. 

As you may recall from my post last year, I’m really not a fan of new years resolutions. Instead, I vow to be better than I was yesterday for the duration of the year. Regardless of making a resolution or not, reflecting on the year still proves to be a necessity. Yearly reflection or a year-end review allows you to see where you rise and fall as well as your biggest takeaways. Of course, saying going “reflect on the last year” is a lot easier said than done. It’s a rather broad task to sum up 365 days in jus a week. That’s why I created this list of must-ask questions to help summarize the year and guide you in the next one.

These 15 questions hold the key to growth in the new year.
These 15 questions hold the key to growth in the new year.

Remember, this isn’t a test. Nor are there any right or wrong answers. It’s simply a tool to help you realize your growth in the past year and help you continue to grow in the new one.

  1. What do you need stop doing?
  2. What made you proud?
  3. In what areas did you struggle?
  4. What 3 words would you use to describe 2016?
  5. What things did you find made you jealous?
  6. What was your favorite compliment received during the year?
  7. How did you best spend your time?
  8. What your biggest time suck this year?
  9. What books, movies, or others work of art had the biggest influence on your life?
  10. How would you describe your mental state during the year? Were you depressed, curious, enlightened, excited, hopeful, etc.?
  11. What things did you celebrate?
  12. What things didn’t you celebrate but wish you did?
  13. What made you laugh?
  14. What did you stop doing but wish you hadn’t?
  15. What did you learn?
  16. Did you feel fulfilled?

How do you choose to reflect on the past year? 

TERRific Words:  If you have a problem that has no solution, it’s possible you don’t have a problem.

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