15 More Reasons You’re Not as Broke as You Think You Are

I am capable of finding the riches in life. 

A few weeks ago I published the post, 19 Reasons You’re Not As Broke As You Think You Are, to encourage, uplift and remind everyone that you are making financial progress regardless of how many bills you have yet to pay.  However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t come back with an even cornier post about the not-so-obvious,  non-monetary reasons you aren’t as broke as you think you are. Sure, having money can help break you away from the broke category but it’s not the only thing. So here it is my completely corny, hopefully uplifting and totally smile worthy list of 14 reasons why you aren’t that broke.

Think you're broke? Think again
Think you’re broke? Think again

  1. You feel compelled to give even when you have nothing.

Regardless the size of your wallet, you know you have more than you realize the moment your heart strings tug at you a little to give. It could be a monetary gift, perhaps a physical gift,  or even that of a prayer but as long as you feel to give you know you couldn’t possibly be broke.

2. Your favorite memories are the priceless ones

I know we like to think the best moments in life are those that cost a lot of money such as big weddings, or extravagant vacations. But if we really think back, they’re the little moments when you beat your dad at the tickle fight, or your heart skipped a beat the day your husband first kissed you. Those memories are priceless – moments a broke person couldn’t possibly relate to.

3. You’ve got 99 problems and a first world problem is at least one.

I never liked the term “first world problems” because its so boastful and insensitive to me. However, that’s exactly what the frivolous things we complain about are. If you’re problem is that you don’t have enough time to get your work done before heading off for vacation or that your phone has horrible internet connection you’ve got first world problems and you certainly aren’t as broke as you think you are.

4. You have something no one can take from you

I know it doesn’t seem like it when the bills are stacking up and your blood pressure keeps rising, but there are are some things that money just can’t buy. Your generosity, amazing smile, and ability to grow are just some of those things. No one can take those away from you, unless you allow them. Once you realize that, you have something of value and that’s something a truly broke person can’t relate to.

5. You’ve got choices and can exercise it freely

From the moment you opened your eyes this morning, you’ve had choices. It could have been as simple as choosing your breakfast and what to wear or something monumental such as starting a business or changing the dynamic of your relationships. Regardless, you’ve got choices and that’s more than a truly broke person can say.

6. You’re happiness isn’t tied to money.

Sure, being super rich might help on the happiness front from time to time, but it’s not the sole factor. You’ve got too much going on to place so much stock in something like money and that’s saying a lot.

7. You value your time

You don’t say yes to every job, activity or opportunity that comes your way. Why? Because you value your time. Your time is the most precious asset you have and it’s certainly worth protecting. It’s hard to place just any ole dollar amount on your time.

8. You are a problem solver

Truly broke people just sit with their problems and wallow in them because they have nothing else to give. If you are even making an attempt to fix the issue, you’ve got something going for you. The richest people in the world are problem solvers, so you’re certainly in good company.

9. You never stopped dreaming

I remember hearing somewhere that as long you have hope you have something. Hope is what gives us the courage to dream regardless of how empty our homes may be, the balance in our checking accounts or size of the life insurance policy. Dreaming is the only thing you need to take you from nothing to something. As long as you never stop dreaming for a better life and feeling inspired to go after it, you’ll never be as broke as you think you are.

10. You’ve experienced the joy of learning

People fought hard for the right to an education and that’s something you have access to everyday. No – you don’t gave to go to college to learn or consider yourself educated. The opportunity to learn is all around you. It’s a priceless thing that can never be replaced, taken away from you or ever make you poor.

11. Goal setting and planning remains a big part of your life

No matter how little money I had, it never stopped me from setting goals and planning. I remember a time when I didn’t have enough money to get groceries for the week. That didn’t stop me from making a plan to buy a car though. I knew that no matter how financially insecure I was, I had what I needed to move forward. You do too.

12. Living in the moment isn’t as hard as you once thought

And though you are poor, you are rich enough to enjoy each moment given to you. Once upon a time when I was poor, I was convinced I needed money to spend on clothes, adventures, etc. to enjoy life , but then I realized that living in the moment is a special gift that doesn’t cost a thing. It doesn’t take much to find solace in simply laying in the grass watching the stars or reading about your favorite activist in the newspaper.

13. Being resourceful has gotten you out of a bind.

We all know about the phrase telling us to take lemons and make lemonade. It’s an easy concept that not everyone can grasp. But once you do, you’ll have what  it takes to acquire everything you need – a sign you’re certainly not broke.

14. There’s always a reason for you to cry.

I hate crying. I used to think that crying was a sign of weakness. I’ve since learned that whether crying tears of joy, sadness or anger it’s certainly not a reason to think less of yourself. On the contrary, having a reason to cry is proof that you have something of value that means the world to you. Broke people don’t have a reason to cry because there is nothing in this world worthy of being given to them, taken away or evoke strong emotion. You do and that’s something to be thankful for.

15. You can recall a time you ate for pleasure and not necessity

Remember that time you had that delectable slice of red velvet slice with creamy frosting that melted in your mouth on your anniversary? Sounds like a smile worthy moment to me. Broke people don’t have that. They eat because they don’t know where their next meal is coming from, not simply because the cake smelled good.

When did you realize you weren’t as broke as you thought you were?

TERRIfic Words: No one ever went broke from giving.

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