10 Tips to Stay Motivated and Focused on Your Goals All Year Long

Repeat after me: What I focus on becomes my future.

Remember when you made your new year resolution? You were pumped up and ready to dive in and make it happen. Chances are you would eat, sleep and breathe anything that had to do with your goal and would mention it to anyone who would listen. It felt like you were unstoppable and absolutely nothing was getting in the way of that goal.

Then things started to take a turn. You were no longer organized, going to bed without working on your goal, stopped talking about it and there were days when you don’t even give it a second thought.

The truth is, reaching your goals isn’t easy because it takes a lot of focus and a lot of discipline. Every single decision you make throughout the day can either bring you closer to your goals or take you further away from it. Don’t believe me? Here are a few examples of daily decisions that could make or break your goal depending on what it is.

  • Should I go to sleep early or should I do an extra 30 crunches?
  • Should I go to that bridal shower to see family or save the money to put it towards my travel fund?
  • Should I indulge in my favorite fries just once or should I make sweet potato fries?
  • Should I buy the pack of chicken that’s $9.85 or should I buy the one that’s $9.90?
  • Should I go to that meetup or should I update my Linkedin profile?
  • Should I fill up my gas tank or should I just put enough for half tank?

The list goes on and on and it can get rather exhausting. It’s not easy staying focused and disciplined 24/7, yet that’s exactly what’s necessary if you need to accomplish your goal. It’s extremely exhausting and not much fun. So it should come as no surprise why people quit or give up on their goals so often. It’s just not easy staying motivated, focused and disciplined all the time. Until now…

Yes, staying focused takes some effort, but once you figure out how to insert that reminder into your daily routine it gets much easier. Luckily, I’ve found several ways to do it. Here’s 10 Tips to Stay Motivated and Focused on your Goals all year long.


10 Tips to Stay Focused & Motivatedon Your Goals All Year Long
10 Tips to Stay Focused & Motivated on Your Goals All Year Long

1. Change your passwords

Ever notice that our daily lives are full of eating, sleeping and using passwords? From email, to online billing accounts and even the passcode on your phone, you’re using passwords multiple times a day, so why not use them to remind yourself what your are working so hard towards. Got plans to be debt free in 2021? How about changing the passwords for your email and Netflix account to !!DeBTfreein2021! or some variation of it? You can even cancel Touch ID on your iphone and make your passcode the date you plan to become debt free or the date you plan to accomplish the goal. This way, you’ll be reminded of your goals throughout the day and remain motivated. Note this only works if you uncheck the option to “remember me” on the accounts you frequent most so you’re forced to type it in multiple times a day.

2. Make it your screen saver

Staring at your computer all day? Use it to remind you of your focus. It took me a while to do this because nothing is better than seeing my baby boy’s face pop on my screen, but I’m finally making plans to change my lockscreen background on my phone to something related to my goal. With the amount of time spent picking it up, that constant reminder will be golden and definitely help me stay focused.

3. And change your desktop screen

Don’t stop at your phone background. Go all the way and change it on your work computer as well.

4. Make it part of your daily affirmation

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a firm believer in using terrific words to help design the life you want. I don’t care what the critics say because you really can speak things into existence. That’s why one of my all time favorite, goal focused mantras is “I attract opportunities and money is constantly flowing towards me. I will be completely debt free.” Like the idea of positive daily affirmations but don’t know where to start? Check out this AMAZINGly uplifting but not overly corny book by Jen Sincero. Or take a look at this guided affirmation journal – I am Thriving- for assistance.

5. Revamp your Instagram

No one likes to admit it but there’s a good chance you’re spending hours on Instagram. Rather than scrolling through feeds of brain clutter, how about using Instagram to help you refocus. Delete everyone you follow and start over by following only those pages that will help keep you on track with your goal. For example, if you’re focused on savings and financial freedom, refrain from following fashion profiles that will tempt you to buy everything. Instead, follow financial educators such as Carmen Perez over at Make Real Cents or even specific hashtags. This way Instagram can help keep you on track every time you log on.

6. Sleep on it

I’m not talking about taking a day or two to see if this particular goal is good for you. I’m talking about literally sleeping on it. Put your goal on the pillow so its the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning. It definitely helps you  to never loose sight of your purpose.

7. Ditch the radio station and find a podcast

You know how most people turn on the radio or put on their MP3 to listen to music when they hop in the car? Stop that. Instead, use that time to listen to something that will help keep you motivated and on track with your goals. Hoping to get on top of your finances and continue traveling? Try listening to the Thought Card Podcast – the creator paid off all her student loans, bought a house and visited several countries at the age of 27! If travel doesn’t tickle your fancy or align with your goals find a podcast that does and make it your go to every time you put your headphones in or jump in the car.

8. Make it your ring tone

So I know this may seem a bit overboard, but sometimes you’ve gotta take desperate measures to accomplish what you really want. Personally, I always have my phone set to vibrate but if you actually have a ringtone, try recording a voice memo of yourself saying your goal aloud and using it as your ringtone. Every phone call and text message will then be a reminder to stay on your grind.

9. Write it on post -its and hide from yourself

So way back when during my cornball days, I would routinely write motivational quotes on sticky notes and hide them in random places. I’d hide them in the refrigerator, in my tshirt drawer,  the crevices in my purse, in file folders, etc. Sometimes I’d write things such as “Hang in there. You’re stronger than you know,” or “Don’t give up. You’re dreams are attainable.” Finding them at the most unexpected times would always bring a smile to my face. Why not do that but tailor it towards your goals. Finding a note that says, “On my way to getting that six pack,” or “soon to be homeowner” can make a world of difference in helping you stay focused.

10. Find an accountability partner

Staying focused on your own isn’t easy. That’s where an accountability partner who checks in on you comes in. Don’t know where to find one? Ask friends, co-workers, or even join a supportive Facebook group.

Implement these life changes and you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals.

Do you struggle with focus and self-discipline? How do you handle it?

Terrific Quip: Where focus goes, energy flows.

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  1. Thank you for this post. The very first tip about changing your passwords really stuck out with me. I have used some passwords for YEARS. I realize that I don’t like change and this is also part of some focusing issues. Getting out of your own way is so important. Thank you for these tips. I may just try a few of these.

  2. I’m about to change my password, it’s such a good tip, and also a daily reminder of my number one goal for this year. I also love the top about deleting many Instagram follow list & only following the folks who inspire me.

  3. Getting up early and completing half of my to-do is what really works for me. I like getting up while the house is completely quiet.

  4. Change up your Instagram…THAT HIT HOME!!! I recently did this and it helps a great deal. I follow a lot of people in the #debtfreecommunity and those tips they share often rub off on what I’m trying to achieve

  5. Thank you for this post. The very first tip about changing your passwords really stuck out with me. I have used some passwords for YEARS. I realize that I don’t like change and this is also part of some focusing issues. Getting out of your own way is so important. Thank you for these tips. I may just try a few of these.

  6. Affirmations are becoming a part of my brand for 2019. I like the concept of sleeping on it…so maybe some of my affirmations can be personalized on a pillow.

  7. What a great post filled with great tips. I do passwords…many of my passwords are affirmations. LOVE that idea! My vision board is my phone screensaver and now I will add it to my laptop screen. I even have post it’s hidden. P.S. we have something in common; my phone is always on vibrate too.

    1. WE definitely seem to have a lot in common! I actually never thought to make a vision board a screen saver. That’s a great idea!

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