15 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Dreams

So not but a few days ago, I was welcomed with a burst of inspiration. I wanted to write a column. Not just any column. A column about culture and education that will be syndicated in newspapers around the country. I’d be the Carrie Bradshaw of my generation, only I’d have columns and books about things of substance. And than it dawned on me. Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character. What makes me think my life and dreams would pan out to be anywhere close to the made-up life of Carrie Bradshaw? I don’t have the wardrobe. I don’t have the resources she has access to. And I sure as hell don’t have the money she has. The reasons why it couldn’t happen were endless. But then I remembered my favorite words. The words I mention on this blog post repeatedly. You can’t fail if you don’t quit. 

Time and time again, our minds are filled with inspirations and goals that could change our lives forever. Then shortly after, our minds are then clouded with doubt from within ourselves and those around us. Each doubt that pops into your mind is another reason why you should let your dreams die and go on with your life as though nothing happened. That would be the easy thing to do. Just give up. The hard thing to do is to pursue it like your life depended on it. Ignore every doubt that pops into your mind because for every doubt you can come up with there is an even better reason for you to follow your hearts desire. Here’s 15 to get you started.

1. You just might succeed.

2. If it’s something you want, you will find a way to make it happen.

3. Not trying is worse than wondering “what if” for the rest of your life.

4. You are enough. You have enough. You do enough.

5. It’s never to late to be what you might’ve been.

6. You’re already struggling. You might as well take the leap and struggle for something you love.

7. You’re going to be really pissed if someone takes your idea and runs with it.

8. If anything, the experience will at least make you wiser.

9. You’ll have a cool story to tell your kids in the future.

10. It’s only impossible because you said it is.

11. You’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process.

12. You’re smarter than you think and stronger than you seem.

13. It will give you great material for a book one day.

14. Excuses are never tolerated.

15. There is always hope.

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  1. Girl, tell me about it! It’s actually the one that inspired me to quit my job and conquer the risky job of freelance writing. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing that phrase pop around the stores. I think I just might do it…. LOL

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