7 reasons why you haven’t changed the world

Changing the world is a dream I suppose most of us have at some point in our lives. For many of us, it starts as children and then tapers off into adulthood as our dreams become something new and that’s ok. For others, that dream never really dies, but is also never realized. However, it never stops us from hoping and believing steadfast to the idea that we are capable of changing the world.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m part of the later group. Though it hasn’t happened yet, my dreams of chaining the world are still alive and while. I’ve struggled with the fact that it hasn’t happened yet on countless occasions. That is until I realized the only reason I haven’t changed the world as yet is because of the sabotage I caused myself. After serious reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are seven main reasons why those who strive to change the world haven’t done it yet. I’m hoping at the conclusion of this list, you’ll be able to pinpoint your problem area, turn it around and continue on your quest changing the world.


1. You have no focus.
If you are simultaneously watching Modern Family, running your budget mentally and sorting clothes for the coat drive, you are doing world changing all wrong. Ignore the distractions. Focus on one thing and get it done. Then repeat. You know what your priorities are and you know what needs to be accomplished so stop procrastinating and being scatter brained. Once, you get your eyes back on the goal and focus, you’ll be so much closer to that change world you desire.

2. You haven’t defined your world

If you found you haven’t achieved world change yet, perhaps it’s because you have yet to decide who or what you want to impact.It’s easy to say you’ll change the world. It’s much harder to determine how and what world you’ll change. Though Steve Jobs, set out to change the world. I doubt his focus was literally the entire world and all the billions of people who lived in it. Steve Jobs defined his world as the technology space and made drastic changes to it. Eventually, that expanded to millions of people worldwide. So whether your defined world is the homeless community, domestic violence survivors or single moms trying to get by, stay true to that world. In time, the change you made to your defined world, will expand into changing a bigger world you never thought possible.

3. You play it safe.

Stop being afraid to fail. You need to take risks if you want to accomplish something. No one ever got anywhere in life without accepting there is a chance they might fail. However, they also realized there’s a chance they might succeed. Everything you’ve ever obtained so far has been accomplished despite the risk involved. Have you gotten married? Well, there was risk you were gonna fall out of love. Have you gotten a degree? Well there was risk you would hate college and drop it. Whether or not, you’d like to admit it changing the world isn’t for the faint at heart. You need to stop playing it safe and take the risk. Sure there’s a chance you might fail if you continue full force ahead, but consider that you if you never try you’ve already failed. Take the risk of trying to succeed.


4. You listen to the wrong people.

 There’s too many people in your life telling you the goal is impossible. Unfortunately, you are taking those comments to heart. Ignore the naysayers and push even harder. Remember, if you love your idea, you don’t need anyone else to love it. For every “no” you get or comment of disbelief, dedicate that much effort towards accomplishing your goal. It’s unfortunate, but those who talk you out of dreams to change the world most likely gave up on themselves.

5. You don’t have patience

Perhaps it’s taking longer than you thought it to earn the funds to set up the organization. Or maybe getting your degree in political science is dragging. Don’t close up shop or switch majors just yet. They say it takes nearly 10,000 hours of work before a person can truly be called an expert. Yes, it seems like a lot but the time will pass anyway so why not stick it out and have something to show for it? World change never happened in a day.

6. You’re all talk

How many great ideas have you had that you never acted upon? How many times has that “I’ve got it” moment struck you hard and then simply knocked you out with nothing else done about it? The truth is we’re all capable of solving problems, creating innovative solutions and performing out-of-this world magic. The problem is all we do is talk about it. It’s about time you take some action. Don’t become another could-have-been revolutionist in the grave. You’re alive and your time is now. It’s time to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

7. You don’t believe in yourself.

As corny as it sounds, you’ll never change the world if you don’t believe you can. Whether or not you have people supporting your endeavors, it won’t mean anything unless you support yourself. So give yourself a pep talk, figure out a plan and start changing the world. It’s only impossible when you say it is.

Happy World Changing!

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