Reframing Your Life Made Easy

Things routinely fall apart, but they can all fall back into place with the right framing. All you need is room for self-acceptance, pearls of wisdom, simple joys, and an affirmation sprinkled in.

You’ll find all that and more as they relate to relationships, personal finance, lifestyle, and wellness.


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Financial tips and tricks you can use even if you aren’t already wealthy. Because if you are broke, you’re better with money than you think

Whether you work remotely because of covid or permanently, here's productive tips for kids if you work from home with your of high rise building similiar to those in New York city


Side hustles, gig economy, projects on the side… Regardless of what you call it, the struggle is real. Explore making it easy.

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Hello, I’m glad you’re here!

I’m not a life coach. I just play one on my blog. Really – I’m an award-winning journalist, speaker, and content strategist who strongly believes there’s always something to raise a glass to. Beyond that, I love helping people accept their place in life while making the most of it. Look to me for compassion, motivation, and tangible tips for various areas of life.

Wondering how and why you should reframe your life?

Life can be hard for a variety of reasons beyond our control such as unfair circumstances, financial issues, and more. But your thought patterns can make it even harder. That’s where reframing your life comes in.

You can make drastic changes in your life by becoming aware of your thoughts, speaking to yourself kindly, and focusing on action. However, you won’t find toxic positivity here.

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From financial tools to business management and staying happy and organized, these are some things I’ve personally used and recommend to help make life more Terrific.

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