A web presence and advertising is great, but everybody knows it's the referrals and testimonials that gets the clients begging for more. Though it may seem like all you need is any old customer to send some good vibes, it actually takes careful selection, specially vetted questions and know-how to get the right people to sing your praises. Here's three steps to getting the testimonials you want and need to boost your business. 

1. Identify the right clients
It may seem like the obvious choice to choose the client who happens to be the happiest. However, you'll  soon find that the happiest client doesn't always mean great testimonials. Though this particular customer may be the happiest, it does not mean he or she has the best story. Aside from a happy customer, you want to find someone who has a compelling story or who has transformed the most. Their stories will highlight the key components of your business. For example, if you own a gym the best person to give a testimonial may be the person who was sluggish, had a host of health problems and now he is in shape. healthy and confident because of the workouts at the gym. Or maybe you pick someone who had no social media presence, but now has 1,000 likes on Facebook thanks to your work. 

Aside from being the happiest with the best story, the best clients for great testimonials are usually influencers. Finding someone with name recognition, a great following, or who's word holds a lot of weight would be highly beneficial for your testimonials.This person doesn't have to be famous or the owner of a big blog. It could be someone who is influential in the community because she is a Girl Scout troop leader or maybe someone who is trusted because he is the principal at the local high school. 

2. Choose diverse questions
The most important things you want to find out in testimonials include what the problem was, how you helped, and what life is like now. However, that does not mean you can only ask blanket questions such as "what was wrong with you before" You can get creative by asking questions about their favorite part of the process with your company, and what differences they see within themselves. You can even ask them what keeps them coming back to your business. 

3. Ask the questions in a natural way
If at all possible, you want to avoid asking these questions in an email. Though convenient, email denies you the ability to see natural reactions and little quirks or nuances displayed by the client. Those things add color to the testimonial. Once you get the approval, try interviewing clients while they are in your facility and dressed comfortably. There's no need to make it a formal event. You want the interview to be as natural as possible. 

Now that you've got the interview out of the way, your next step is to thank the client and publish the interview on the blog, newsletter, website, youtube andy more. Now just sit back and let the testimonials bring more clients to your door!



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