Me. Me. Me. Me. It might be cute at first, but that's basically all your blatant self-promotion says to potential clients. Chances are it's not making them smile either. They don't think you care about them. Your self-promotion tactics only focus on your awesomeness instead of how your awesomeness helps the client. 

Think about it. How irritated are you when you go onto your favorite Linkedin group and all you see are blog posts written by fellow members? Or when you attend a networking group and another attendant won't shut up about her newest success as Head of Marketing. Of course, all of that sounds great. But if you are anything like me you're thinking, "Good for you, but why should I care?" 

And that's exactly the problem. Gloating about your accomplishments doesn't do anything to help your potential clients. Instead, get inside their heads and find out what their problems are. That way when you do promote yourself, you can find a way to tie it in with satisfying their needs. Try saying this for a change: "Hi, I'm so & so. I do marketing for x company. Tell me about yourself. I'd love to know what goals you are looking to accomplish." 

You'd be surprised how far focusing the attention elsewhere will get you. 


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