It has come to my attention that I throw the term copywriter around pretty frequently. However, a lot of people don't even seem to understand what a copywriter does. Obviously that's a problem. To my surprise, many confused the term "copywriter" with "copyright" despite the context clues. 

Simply put, a copywriter writes copy. Depending on the writer, the type of copy they write might vary as some have specialities and others don't. Copy refers to the content or words used for your marketing material. Copywriters are responsible for writing the copy on business websites, flyers, slogans, newsletters, brochures, direct mail paraphernalia, advertisements, sales letters, product descriptions and more. However, what makes a professional copywriter different from the high school kid down the street, is the ability to make that copy sound as professional and concise as possible while sticking to the personality of the business. 

Most importantly a good copywriter knows how to translate your copy into to more views or prospects, which of course leads to more sales. Copywriters do this by highlighting the traits that make you stand out from your competitors. They also address the wants and needs of your target audience. Lastly they analyze, core business values and insure they translate into copy that shows the company in the best light which yield desired results. In other words, they make you sound pretty damn good! 


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