You may have set a resolution to trim the fat from your waistline this year, but your content may stand to shave off some excess weight as well. If you're confused I don't blame you; especially after hearing from several gurus that it's best to write in a conversational tone. In other words, write the way you talk. Yes, it's good advice. However, the problem is most people are naturally very wordy and don't get to the point. And that is why it is almost always necessary to trim the fat from your writing. 

In case you were wondering, the fat is the verbiage that adds absolutely nothing to your work. Most likely they are those unnecessary words that take up space. Here's a few of them: 
In almost all situations cutting the word "just" makes the sentence much stronger and less demanding or needy. Examples:
- I just wanted to say goodnight. 
- If you would just pay me tonight I can buy the tickets.

Going to
The only thing "going to" does to a sentence is make it more wordy and harder to follow. Instead remove "going to" and replace it with "will". Examples:
- I am going to find that book before work.
- Michael is going to forget how to play the piano if he doesn't practice soon.

In most cases "that" is usually an unnecessary word and weakens the sentence. Examples: 
- Did you know that elephants have amazing memories?
- I love the outfit that Beyonce wore at the Grammy's. 


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