Taking the plunge to start a blog can be scary;especially when brainstorming hot topics on a consistent basis is expected of you. Don't worry, you are not the only nervous one. Professional internet marketers and business bloggers, break a sweat over it all the time. However, don't expect this feeling to last. I've got a feeling that after reading this post you may never stress about finding blog topics again. Here's my list of ways to keep the great ideas flowing:

1. Create a series
A series is the perfect way to keep the topic train rolling. This way you can create a different spin for the same topic multiple times. One of the easiest series I can think of has to the do with the alphabet. For example, a series called the ABC's of Wedding Planning could have posts about what ever topic begins with the next letter on the list for that week. You're guaranteed 26 different topic ideas! 

2. Change format
Writing content in the same old format week after week can get very dull. Switching it up every once in a while just might be the inspiration you need to churn out some eye catching topics. Post a video one week, a slideshow the next week, and a list for another week. Not only can the change help keep you motivated, but your readers may truly appreciate how you spiced things up. It's a win-win situation.

3. Join a forum
Want to know what your readers have questions about? Join a forum pertaining to your target audience and answer their questions in a blog post. Your readers will truly appreciate it. 

4. Read industry news
If the purpose of your blog is to be seen as an expert in your field, you should definitely be keeping up with industry news. Sign up for Google Alerts and newsletters for industry associations to have hot button topics sent to your inbox. Then give your expert opinion or write a summary about the latest trends or headlines. 

5. Follow what's trending
Got a Twitter account? Those trending topics on the side of your screen can tell you a lot about what people want to know about. Go through them, pick out a topic that is relevant to your blog and write about it!


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